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Travel Nurse Job Benefits

Travel Nurse Jobs & Travel Therapist Jobs

Travel Job Benefits & Bonus Plans for Nurses and Therapists

American Traveler is proud to provide our travel nurses, travel therapists, and other allied health professionals with a comprehensive package of benefits and bonuses while on assignment. In addition to lucrative nurse salary, there are many additional bonuses paid to our travel nurses and therapists during their assignments. A travel nursing career with American Traveler is an exciting profession. You'll enjoy traveling to new destinations, working in fine teaching hospitals, living in glorious accommodations, and always earning GREAT SALARY AND COMPENSATION!

travel nurse jobs benefits

Travel Job Benefits - Therapist Salary, Nurse Salary, and Bonuses

Healthcare travel job professionals, such as nurses and therapists, enjoy exceptional salaries and bonuses on many assignments. With thousands of positions available, we are able to selectively offer those assignments that meet your salary requirements as well as geographical requests. Our Tax Advantage Plan increases take home pay for those Travelers who qualify for tax advantage benefits. Take home pay increases by as much as 15% for meals and incidentals. At many locations, bonuses are also offered.

weekly payrollAll payroll and reimbursed expenses are paid weekly by American Traveler. We understand your need for timely pay. With American Traveler, you'll always have your money on time, every week. On the same day your pay is direct deposited into your personal bank account, you can check your paystub online! Ask your consultant for details.

Our travel nurses and traveling therapists take assignments for many reasons; some of the most frequently requested assignments are those that offer compensation packages significantly higher than those available on permanent positions. High pay rates come with your own Free Private Apartment, Comprehensive Health, Dental and Life Insurance, AAA Membership Subsidy, Reimbursed Licensure and more. You will wonder why you didn't join American Traveler sooner!

Travel nurses and travel therapists earn on average compensation of over $70,000 and when including the other benefits described above, such as free housing and health insurance, it is a total compensation package of nearly $100,000 a year!

Travel Job Bonuses

Bonuses are offered at many travel assignments as an additional income over and above the stated hourly salary. These bonuses are paid at the successful completion of the nursing assignment. For travel nurses and traveling therapists motivated to increase their annual incomes, this is considered an enormous benefit!

Referral Bonuses

travel nurse job bonusWe offer the highest salaries and generous Bonuses while on assignment with American Traveler. And it doesn't stop there. We want to see you traveling with your friends and new acquaintances too. As an added incentive, we offer a REFERRAL BONUS plan that is unequaled. Referral Bonuses are paid to you, for paying us your highest compliment, referring other healthcare professionals to our organization! Our state of the art computerization software tracks every new traveler, so you enjoy the benefits of bigger paychecks when you least expect it!

Click here to refer a friend and get a Job Referral Bonus

Group Health, Dental and Life Insurance

hospital benefitsAmerican Traveler offers Comprehensive Health, Dental and Life Insurance to all of our on staff Travelers. We believe this valuable benefit offers the peace of mind of obtaining preventive and routine care, physicals and treatment of ailments should they arise. In addition to Health Insurance, this coverage also includes Dental and Life Insurance. It is flexible to meet your needs, and you can add dependents.

Because of our size, we can offer this premier plan by one of the most highly regarded insurance companies in the nation. This benefit is highly regarded and a very valuable benefit to all of our employees. If you would prefer to continue under your existing health insurance plan, we will assist in subsidizing the expense of the health insurance you already have in place. We refer to this benefit as Health Insurance Subsidy.

Licensure Reimbursement

American Traveler provides full reimbursement of your State Nursing Licensure for every travel assignment! For additional support, our Client Services Representatives will offer their expert assistance and service in helping you obtain your State Nursing License. For proper planning, Travelers can expect licenses to take as little as one day in a "Walk Through" State or it may take several weeks or longer to obtain licensure by some of the State Boards of Nursing. For the complete details on licensure, go to the National Council of State Boards of Nurses.

Free Unlimited Online CEUs

American Traveler provides unlimited annual CEU credits to our Travel Nurses on assignment! The high-quality curriculum meets technology at American Traveler with more than 400 CE courses for travel nurses all with real-time testing and printable CE certificate capabilities. All courses meet State Board of Nursing Requirements and include The Joint Commission related and APN quality subjects. American Traveler can even manage your CE Direct account in-house so service is instant and third-party waiting for certificates is eliminated. As usual, American Traveler takes care of all the details so you get the most out of life and career.

It's important to continue your education; stay current on healthcare issues; and fulfill state board requirements for new and renewing licenses.

Your clinical experience combined with strong credentials will stand out impressively to the prestigious hospitals we staff nationwide! Call your Consultant today for more details!

401(k) Plan

travel nurse compensationWith American Traveler, you hold in your hands the key to a secure future — the opportunity to enroll in a retirement 401(k) Plan. Choosing to allocate a portion of your earnings into the Plan allows you to delay paying taxes on the amount you contribute as well any earnings on those contributions, it also means American Traveler will offer a generous employer match!

Be sure to discuss this very valuable benefit with your Consultant for more details and enrollment information into this retirement benefit for your future. You decide if, when, how much, and how you would like those funds invested! The choice is yours, we will assist you by matching a portion of to your savings and providing one of the nation's most highly regarded investment vehicles available.

Protection Plus Plan

American Traveler provides Protection Plus to our Travel Nurses on most of our staffing assignments*. This program ensures our Travel Nurses will be paid full time pay in the unlikely event of shift cancellations by the hospital. We want to be sure that our travel nurses are fully compensated while on assignment. Many American Travelers travel nurses find this is just one more reason traveling with American Traveler gives them peace of mind. It pays to go with the Number One Travel Nurse Company in the Industry!

* Available on nearly every assignment. Ask your Consultant for details on your assignment .

Professional Liability Insurance and Worker's Compensation Insurance

American Traveler provides comprehensive Professional Liability Insurance, Worker's Compensation and Malpractice Insurance to all of our traveling healthcare professionals on all of our staffing assignments. You have all the full time benefits of hospital staff employees plus extra benefits like: Free Private Housing, Group Health, Dental and Life Insurance, and lucrative Bonuses!