Travel Therapy Career

Travel Therapy Careers

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Top hospitals and out-patient facilities post travel therapy jobs with us daily. Most therapist jobs are 4 - 26 weeks in length and located in big cities and small towns across America. We cater to the special needs of therapists and maintain a database full of out-patient care facility and hospital travel therapist jobs in lifestyle-pleasing locations. Factor in all the benefits, bonuses and perks of traveling and travel therapists can make up to $110,000 salary per year.

Occupational Therapists and COTA

The time to travel is now. Pay and opportunity has never been better. Traveling will expose you to emerging remedies and therapies while American Traveler free unlimited CEUs prepare you for professional advancement and higher pay. Since January 2007, a Masters Degree is required to enter the field of Occupational Therapy.

Physical Therapists

Physical Therapy specialists earn premium pay and get access to all the best jobs first. Because the growing number of patients with disabilities and impaired function is exceeding the supply of qualified PTs and PTAs in the marketplace. Apply online

Speech Language Pathologists

Baby Boomers are aging and neurological disorders are on the rise. SLPs are in big demand and the profession is growing by leaps and bounds. American Traveler has positions in healthcare facilities where operators appreciate the tolerance and compassion of SLPs and are willing to go the extra mile for it. Work with state-of-the-art apparatus and with practitioners who think outside the box.

Find a traveling therapist job in sunny California, Florida, or Hawaii. Enjoy the cool autumn nights of New England or the rural tranquility of the Midwest or Mountain States.

  • Travel therapist jobs give you the ability to visit exciting places
  • Make new friends
  • Work with top practitioners
  • Get exposure to new treatments and therapies
  • Work around your lifestyle

Respiratory Therapists

Get maximum exposure to cutting-edge remedies while earning a top salary and receiving corporate-style benefits. Take an assignment with American Traveler today to achieve your career goals and expand your thinking - our continuing education program provides unlimited free CEUs. Traveling Therapists aspiring to a Bachelors or Masters in RT, or for CRTs looking to become registered enhance their professional opportunities and horizons.

On top of generous benefits package, American Traveler delivers a level of client support unmatched in the industry.

Expert Placement Consultants find you the high-paying job you want in a destination where hobbies and adventure take over. Do you like to ski, sail, or golf? How about just laying by the pool on your day off or wiggling your toes in cool beach sand? Maybe a board game on the front porch is more your speed or a night on the town with friends. “It’s important you unwind after helping others all day. Your caring nature deserves it!”  

Our Consultants help travel therapists find their way around town to restaurants, theater, music, galleries, sports, festivals, and events. They’re just a phone call or email away night or day and have immediate online access to information in your area.

Call 800-884-8788 and hear for yourself why travelers keep coming back.

Top Clinical Coordinators, Housing, and Payroll Specialists

They ensure your travel therapy job experience is lucrative and fulfilling. Traveling therapists won’t experience problems at American Traveler - only opportunities. You’ll find client service here superb and attention to detail outstanding.