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Travel nurse jobs in Greensboro introduce you to a North Carolina city rich in history, culture, arts and entertainment.
Greensboro travel nursing jobs are situated among rolling foothills of North Carolina's Piedmont plateau between the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky mountains. The eastern border is the Atlantic Ocean and the Outer Banks, a 200-mile string of barrier islands off the coast.
The Blue Ridge Parkway is a 250-mile scenic journey and dubbed “America’s Favorite Drive” and is a perfect way to see the sights and spend a weekend. The Greensboro Science Center and Zoological Park offer the young and young-at-heart a zoo, marine aquarium, science museum and a 3D theatre.

Greensboro, NC Travel Nursing Jobs: Culture, Cuisine and More!

Greensboro has a large variety of retail shopping for RNs on Greensboro travel nursing jobs, from national chains and well-known brands to specialized boutiques and galleries. Greensboro has a low cost of living making the high travel nurse wages go even further.

College Town Entertainment

There’s plenty to do on Greensboro travel nursing jobs with the city being home to the University of North Carolina. Greensboro has four Magnet Hospitals for travel professionals to gain valuable experience as well as 23 Magnet Hospitals in all of North Carolina.

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Travel nursing jobs in North Carolina offers plenty of beaches, waterfalls and other amazing sights! Find North Carolina nurse jobs with high pay and top benefits!