This Travel Nurse in Delaware is Also a Prolific Author

Ask travel nurse Linda DeLeon if she’s curled up with a good book lately, and the ER nurse is likely to tell you that yes, she’s been reading and writing her own literature to pass the wintry nights.
Prolific Author and Travel Nurse

Ask travel nurse Linda DeLeon if she’s curled up with a good book lately, and the ER nurse is likely to tell you that yes, she’s been reading and writing her own literature to pass the wintry nights. In addition to being a busy R.N. in Delaware, the Louisiana native has also managed to pen, since 2010, two vampire novels with a third on the way. American Traveler caught up with Linda on an evening shortly before Christmas to talk about her books,Veil of Time and Fall Into Darkness; these tales of immortal love that span the 17th Century and into present day are part of a series, featuring a love triangle between James, a history professor, Vanessa and the enigmatic Claire, the protagonist in all three stories who Linda says is a character derived from her own life.

And what a life! Linda has been a travel nurse before, but her current assignment is her first nursing job with American Traveler. She and her husband, who met in Las Vegas across a black jack table where he once worked, are now living a much different life in Delaware. Linda came late to nursing, beginning her R.N. education in her thirties and working her way from LPN to R.N. in the years between 2004 and 2008. Now, happily established as an ER nurse, Linda helps perpetuate the idea that we don’t have to be a kid to set and achieve an important career path.

When asked if her daily nursing shifts inspire her to write fiction, Linda said that her R.N. colleagues have been incredibly encouraging, and convinced her to put her stories on paper. “My books are for sale all over the country,” she proudly told us. While she describes the ER as a perfect fit for her personality, Linda gets her vampire source material off the clock. In her R.N. job, Linda is no nonsense, and known for getting patients in and out quickly. In her time-off the nursing job, she and her husband gather fodder for future stories and enjoy themselves by traveling to nearby towns with a history of hauntings and paranormal activity. She was delighted to learn of American Traveler’s October piece on haunted hospitals and hopes to make her way to some of those spooky places in the near future. She tells us that she’d like her next travel nurse assignment to be in Texas closer to family.

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Monday January 07, 2013

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