Transforming Children's Hospitals into Family-Centered Healthcare

There is a feeling of helplessness that overwhelms parents when their child is admitted to the hospital as well as a feeling of hope that the NICU, PICU, and Pediatric nurses will nurture them back to health.
Children's Hospital

There is a feeling of helplessness that overwhelms parents when their child is admitted to the hospital as well as a feeling of hope that the NICU, PICU, and Pediatric nurses will nurture them back to health.

Steps are being taken, however, to make this traumatic experience more comfortable for the patient and their families. With the help of the non-profit group, Facilities Guidelines Institute, several hospitals have invested to upgrade their children’s facilities in order to accommodate parents and elevate the healing process of children. One may think of it as holistic medical treatment for the entire family.

Children’s Hospitals are Evolving

In June 2012, Nationwide Children’s Hospital located in Columbus, Ohio opened a $783 million facility that provides private rooms for everyone, an atrium full of giant carved animals and a clubhouse for siblings and parents.

A recent report focused on the physical environment of a hospital and warned that the noise and confusion can increase stress and anxiety. Noise reduction solutions helps to alleviate some of the problem and a proper interior design involving colors, furniture and carpet can actually promote the healing process by creating a safe and soothing environment. While physical changes are costly and parental involvement can be cumbersome, a number of studies show that these changes produce faster recovery times, shortened stays and overall satisfaction.

At Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, California, your arrival begins with a play area at the entrance of the hospital. It features a universally accessible playground complete with an interactive activity wall and a sensory ocean wall along with play structures and sculptures. The Jane Vruwink Palmer Healing and Play Garden also features plants and trees chosen for their low allergen qualities. Along with the soothing qualities, functionality has been incorporated into the garden. A labyrinth in the center of the garden was designed with uneven stones to aid those patients who are trying to relearn walking or sharpen their balance skills. As well, a seed planting area is designed to help patients with their motor skills.

The Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas offers a family-centered care model. A stimulating environment that includes a reflecting pond, healing garden and an assortment of art, sculpture and photography creates a sense of comfort that enhances the healing effect on both mind and body. As kids are still in their formative years, it is easier for them to relate to and enjoy the surroundings. A Family Resource Center Library provides parents access to information on their child’s condition.

As children’s hospitals continue to upgrade throughout the country, the need for NICU, PICU, and Pediatric nurses will continue to rise. Travel, temporary, and permanent nursing positions are currently available in California, Texas, and Ohio as well as many other states. Find out how American Traveler travel nurses can earn up to a six-figure salary along with a comprehensive benefits package that offers group health insurance, free housing, a company-matched 401k, and more. Our online job application is fast and easy to complete.

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Friday February 08, 2013
Transforming Children's Hospitals

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