Top 5 Travel Nursing Spots for St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

On March 17 everyone is Irish! Few people have better access to this holiday’s hot spots than travel nurses!
St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

On March 17 everyone is Irish! Few people have better access to this holiday’s hot spots than travel nurses! For travel nurses in New York nursing jobs, or on assignments in equally coveted places like Massachusetts, Louisiana, Illinois or D.C., the possibilities around this time of year are endless.  These are just a few highlights with time, date and exact location of St. Patty’s Day events you won’t want to miss.

RNs Will Have a Gaelic Ol’ Time!

  • For Louisiana Travel Nurses: 19th century immigration brought thousands of Irish people to New Orleans. Celebrate in the same place they did: The Irish Channel. The St. Patrick’s Day parade on Magazine Street comes with cabbages, green beads and moon pies! You can watch it all from Parasol’s Pub! That weekend, look for block parties and the big Metairie Parade at high noon on Sunday, March 16.  Other notable parades include “Molly’s at the Market”, starting at 6pm in the French Quarter; just meet at 1107 Decatur Street!
  • For Massachusetts Travel Nurses: South Boston is where it’s at on St. Patrick’s Day, making world news for the South Boston Parade, televised and watched by around 600 million people a year! Held at 1pm on Sunday, March 16th, you won’t want to miss it.  On the 17th at the Convention Center, you’ll find the state Senator officiating over the world famous St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast—its’ the first woman and Haitian-American to host the event.  Everyone is Irish this month!
  • For New York Travel Nurses: Fun fact: in the mid-19th century more Irish people lived in New York’s lower east side than in Dublin! So it’s no wonder Irish culture, music, food and fun are everywhere. Satisfy your inner history buff by going on the “St. Patrick’s Day Weekend New York Tour” or just check in with the millions of others at the 253rd annual parade when it starts at 11am on Monday, March 17th. Report to 5th Avenue and 44th Street.
  • For Washington D.C. Travel Nurses: The 43rd annual St. Pat’s parade is on Sunday March 16; this is a mile long, 3-hour event on Constitution Street beginning at 12 noon. Throughout the Metro-D.C. area one can expect live auctions with door prizes, and Irish fun at local pubs that dot the map from Alexandria, Virginia to Baltimore, Maryland. And you won’t want to miss the National Shamrock Fest at RFK Stadium either, on March 22nd!
  • For Illinois Travel Nurses: If you make it to the Windy City, the Chicago River turns green on March 15th at 10am; following that, is the parade everyone has been waiting for at 12 noon! If you’d rather tune into the event on T.V. and try the luck of the Irish with the much anticipated “St. Patrick’s Day Millionaire Raffle” (you don’t need to be an Illinois resident to play!) watch this video to learn more.


American Traveler Staffing Professionals Wishes You a Happy, Safe St. Patrick’s Day!


If you’re looking to try something new, check out Sober St. Pat’s started in 2013 and has been incorporated by the Belfast City Council in the Emerald Isle itself. All the focus is on dancing, comedy, food and music, IRISH STYLE. No matter where you are on March 17th, American Traveler wishes you a safe holiday weekend and hopes to see you in green, having fun and feeling lucky!

Thursday March 13, 2014

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