Therapy and Nursing Account for Job Increases in 2010 and 2011

With 2011 in full swing, healthcare professionals and recent hires across the board are enjoying the fruits of the previous year’s trend toward job growth.
Employment Increases

With 2011 in full swing, healthcare professionals and recent hires across the board are enjoying the fruits of the previous year’s trend toward job growth, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting a December increase of approximately 35,700 jobs within the healthcare sector—that’s a lot of allied health and nursing jobs! The majority of these recently staffed RN jobs are in the ambulatory care setting, with rosy labor statistics forecasted for therapy jobs through the year 2016!

Fourth Quarter Gains in the Healthcare Sector “Zero in” on Best Regions for Nursing Jobs

Job growth statistics for November of 2010 also cited big numbers for nursing jobs in hospitals and in ambulatory care; in fact, Bureau of Labor Stats for healthcare professionals at large, show that their employment figures remained high throughout the entire fall season of 2010. The HWS Labor Market Pulse Index (LMPI) has determined where job demand is highest for healthcare workers. It includes Florida nursing jobs, near the Tampa Bay area, and Arizona nursing jobs near Phoenix, both regions ranked very high in the 4th quarter for job gains.

Online Job Postings for Nursing and Therapy Jobs Are a Huge Factor in Employment Growth

Nurse staffing agencies that post job openings for every stripe of registered nurse—those interested in both permanent jobs and travel nursing jobs—hold a big stake in these statistics, in that they provide instant, 24/7 access to nursing jobs in some of the highest ranked USA hospitals—where additional job gains numbering in the tens of thousands were also posted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics; nurses in home health jobs have reason to be greatly encouraged by these numbers as well, in that thousands of home health jobs were added, including a big leap in job opportunities for physician’s office and nursing home jobs.

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Wednesday February 23, 2011

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