RNs Are Celebrated During National Nurses Week, May 6 - May 12!

As a registered nurse among some 3.1 million R.N.s in America, you can always count on National Nurses Week as a time that brings pleasant surprises to the workplace—like a guest speaker who is a big advocate for nurses, commemorative luncheon, a party, or other appreciative gestures made by your hospital employer.
National Nurses Week

2013 Theme: Delivering Quality and Innovation in Patient Care

As a registered nurse among some 3.1 million RNs in America, you can always count on National Nurses Week as a time that brings pleasant surprises to the workplace—like a guest speaker who is a big advocate for nurses, commemorative luncheon or party, or other appreciative gesture made by your hospital employer. While it’s a time for some well-deserved celebration, countess registered nurses look forward to this week in May for its outreach potential as well.

Whether it’s nominating a colleague for a special award this week, or winning honor and recognition personally, National Nurses Week is something to look forward to, as hospitals across the United States focus not just on thanking hard working RNs in staffing jobs and travel nursing jobs, but on patient advocacy and innovation in times of healthcare reform and a nursing shortage.

Besides wearing an official “RN Pin” this week, these are some other things nurses can do to celebrate the profession in ways highlighted by the American Nursing Association.

  • Be an innovator: Innovative thinking helps patients find solutions to their most troublesome problems; innovation can also reduce fall rates and instances of hospital-acquired infections. For inspiration, look to the American Academy of Nursing and its creation of The Edge Runners; these R.N.s have been recognized by ANA for their contributions to care strategies and health policies; for example, finding ways to help seniors care for themselves at home rather than skilled nursing facility.
  • Read Up On the National Data Base of Nursing Quality Indicators:Described by the American Nurses Association as “for nurses by nurses”, the NDNQI is an important tool for healthcare professionals. 1,900 hospitals in the U.S.—which employ more than a third of registered nurses— have contributed their data, and lets RNs see how their healthcare employer measures up in every aspect of patient care. Visit the NDNQI official site to gain perspective on performance goals, nursing care strategies and retention.
  • Learn More About Care Coordination: With healthcare reform well underway, care coordination is a career highlight for nurses committed to patient health and satisfaction; it’s very important, as well, for insurers and hospitals in controlling healthcare costs. For the RN, care coordination entails educating patients and their families, developing care plans and doing your best to facilitate continuity of care; this cuts down on patient admission rates.

 American Traveler Extends Our Warmest Wishes for National Nurses Week, 2013!

Your healthcare staffing agency joins the chorus of voices praising nurses this week and all year round. We wish them well in advancing the nursing profession by fostering the highest standards of nursing practice, and promoting a positive and realistic view of the nursing career path. As RNs, you comprise the largest health care profession, and we thank you for your service, as well as encourage you to share your stories, inspiration and talents with our healthcare team! Call 1-800-884-8788 or apply onlinefor nursing jobs in all 50 U.S. states.

Sunday May 05, 2013

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