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For years, states with the greatest job shortages have been offering the highest nursing salaries in the country.
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For many years now, states with the greatest job shortages have been offering the highest nursing salaries in the country. Because of dense Baby Boomer populations, and these states’ appeal to retirees, nurses will always be welcomed with open arms in certain places. So get ready to bookmark where these states are and what they have to offer!

If you’re a travel nurse, poised to take your career anywhere, the following U.S. states offer the highest paying RN jobs in the country! Here’s what hourly mean wages were in 2012 and what you can expect in 2013. Below that, is a quarterly breakdown of where in the U.S. to find the best nursing jobs.

  • California nursing jobs offer $42.06/ an hour and higher, plus benefits that let you make the most of the Golden State.
  • Florida nursing jobs not only average $30.29 per hour, but some hospitals there are offering huge sign-on bonuses for RN’s with specializations.
  • New York nursing jobs put R.N.s in the high earning Tri-State are, averaging $35.58 per hour or more.
  • Texas nursing jobs have a lower cost of living than many other states in the U.S., so an average of $31.82 per hour goes a long way.
  • Pennsylvania nursing jobs may not top the list of best states for R.N.s in January, March, June or September, yet have a year round reputation for being in the top ranking states for nursing salaries.

Best U.S. States for Nursing Jobs in the Winter

January may be well underway, but there’s still plenty of time to snag hot nursing jobs in CaliforniaTexasOhio or Florida, where it’s more than just beaches that welcome you, but your choice of first rate hospitals, with onsite perks designed to recruit talent. The fun starts early in these 4 states, so get in touch with a consultant today. You don’t want to miss your chance to visit Disney World or the Epcot Center!

Best U.S. States for Nursing Jobs during Spring Break

Spring Break in Texas is a many splendid thing! Just ask a nurse who’s been to Galveston for the annual Mardi Gras! In March, Texans may also delight in the Houston Rodeo. Further west, California nursing jobs offer springtime fun, like the US Alpine Championships in Squaw Valley. There’s just enough time to call a consultant and spend Spring break like a California beach bunny! Other hot nursing jobs for the Spring of 2013 can be found in Washington and Oregon.

Best U.S. States for Nursing Jobs in the Summertime

In June, RNs are highly encouraged to apply for nursing jobs in New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The Garden state is holding its annual International Film festival then; there’s a music festival itinerary that’ll have you tapping your foot all summer long in Maryland, and Michigan and Wisconsin offer summers so fine, you’ll be dipping your bare feet into their lakes, and enjoying artisan cheeses all summer long.

Best U.S. States for Nursing Jobs in the Fall

New YorkArkansas and Florida will reel in lots of happily employed R.N.s this fall. Big Italian festivals, Broadway Week, and Free Museum Day dominate the month of September in the big Apple. In Arkansas, RNs can expect a packed calendar of triathlon events, Civil War reenactments and a hot air championship in Little Rock. Autumn speaks for itself in Maine with its own dedicated fall tourism page, highlighting loop tours, antiquing trails and more that’s made to order with your pumpkin latte. And let’s not forget Florida, with Disney fun, like Mickey’s Not Scary Halloween, starting just ahead of October, when Octoberfests and outdoor festivals abound because it’s be too cold anywhere else.

Will 2013 Be Your Year for U.S. Travel?

Call 800-884-8788 or apply online today for flexible travel nursing jobs that let you see the United States and all its fun and splendor tear round! Have fun will travel, RNs!

Footnote: The hourly mean wages cites in this blog were taken from a 2012 article in Scrubs Magazine.

Friday January 17, 2014

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