RN Short List of White House Initiatives for Healthcare Reform

To meet the needs of the current and projected state of healthcare, The White House has earmarked millions in federal spending to expand the nation’s health workforce capacity and distribution of primary care providers.
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To meet the needs of the current and projected state of healthcare, The White House has earmarked millions in federal spending to expand the nation’s health workforce capacity and distribution of primary care providers. The following are positive outcomes of these White House initiatives, effecting registered nurses all over the country.

  • Continued support and funding for the Title VIII nursing workforce development program
  • Advancement in the nursing sciences through funding of the National Institute of Nursing Research
  • A stronger commitment to ensuring all Americans have access to high-quality care, by increasing access to nurse managed health centers as well as primary care health providers
  • Reduction of costs by decreasing the need for more invasive treatment, preventable through early and continuous follow-up care, managed or overseen by care coordinators/navigators; this is a new process and nursing position that is a result of the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”.
  • Promoting the importance of advanced educational degrees in nursing that bolster the R.N.’s role in the country’s evolving healthcare system.
  • Ensure that survey figures released by The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) continue to rise. (According to the AACN, enrollment in all types of professional nursing programs increased from 2011 to 2012, including an increase in entry-level BSN programs.)
  • Use cuts to Medicare and other health programs for the betterment of healthcare over the next decade. The largest of these savings would come from requiring pharmaceutical companies to offer Medicare and Medicaid the same lower prices and rebates—great news for nurses and their patients.
  • Speed up a primary goal of healthcare reform, by providing drug discounts to Medicare enrollees through 2020.

More Things R.N.s Should Know About White House Nurse Initiatives

Registered nurses are the biggest voice in healthcare reform. They are the driving force behind The White House earmarking a percentage of the 2014 budget request to fund nurse objectives; these include scholarships and loan repayment programs that address the nursing shortage and improve quality of care for the pending outcome of the Affordable Healthcare Act: an estimated 32 million newly, insured Americans!  R.N.s interested in seeing a comprehensive overview of the Department of Health and Human Services proposed budget, can download the PDF; some of its highlights include initiatives to expand mental health services, and funding for programs that research ways to prevent violence.

Perhaps the most prominent initiative—at least concerning nurses—is a commitment to helping present and future R.N.s obtain advanced nursing degrees. It’s the Title VIII nursing workforce development program that will make nursing school and its advanced nursing degree programs more accessible, preparing the R.N. workforce to not only keep pace in the nation’s evolving healthcare system, but excel at what they do.

Nurses Improve Hospital Quality in an Evolving Healthcare System and More are Needed Every Day  

With healthcare reform well underway, hospital employers are seeing a surge in case management jobs and care navigation careers for R.N.s; these and nurses of every specialty are key in keeping America’s Best Hospitals on the list of the nation’s top caregivers.  An experienced healthcare staffing agency matches talent with medical facilities in the midst of change, brought on by the Affordable Health Care Act, denser senior populations and so much more. Healthcare employers require staff that adapt well and don’t miss a beat in delivering the highest quality of care. Call 1-800-884-8788 or apply online today to claim a revolutionizing spot on the healthcare scene.

**Research used in this article was gleaned from the following link:http://healthcaretraveler.modernmedicine.com/healthcare-traveler/news/tags/aacn/white-house-proposes-funding-nursing-initiatives

Tuesday June 11, 2013

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