Recession-Proof Physical Therapy Jobs Still Remain in High Demand

It’s a great time to work as an allied health professional; those trained for physical therapy jobs are on the positive side of supply vs. demand.
Physical Therapy Careers

Demand for Allied Healthcare Jobs = Demand for Expert Allied Health Staffing Agency

It’s a great time to work as an allied health professional; those trained for physical therapy jobs are on the positive side of supply vs. demand. In other words, for every licensed PT, there are over 50 rehab facilities looking to employ a physical therapist. Picking the best one can be tough. That’s where a top staffing agency comes in. American Traveler is affiliated with America’s best hospitals and rehab facilities, and finds healthcare employers for physical therapists and occupational therapists, speech language pathologists and others looking to make their mark in rehab jobs.

A Top Staffing Agency for Allied Health Careers Makes Sense Because…

Here are a few more reasons behind American Traveler’s ability to deliver high paying, rewarding physical therapy jobs:

  • VIP Customer Care: Recruiters who understand how busy therapists are have done all the leg work researching healthcare employers; they have the inside track on the best physical therapy job openings and find the perfect match for job-seeking PTs.
  • Certified Since 2005: We are accredited by The Joint Commission, and recipients of the Gold Seal of Approval and Healthcare Staffing Services Certification.
  • Instant Name Recognition: Our affiliates are America’s best hospitals and rank high in US News & World Report and have also received mention inFortune Magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work. Physical therapists at American Traveler work in diverse clinical settings that include prestigious teaching hospitals, state-of-the-art rehab facilities, skilled nursing homes, outpatient clinics and more!
  • Physical Therapy Jobs That Pay Off! Travel therapy jobs yield an incredibly lucrative physical therapy salary. The median annual income for an experienced PT is approximately $72K, and can rise into the six figure range at American Traveler. Our travel therapists earn up to 20% more in pay than those in permanent jobs; they also benefit from free private housing, generous 401(k) plan, travel reimbursements and more!

American Traveler Lets You Make Your Mark in Allied Healthcare

With favorable employment forecasts like this, it’s no wonder physical therapy programs are being vamped up nationwide. The current level of 6,000 PT graduates is expected to climb, and they’ll need to align their talents with an experienced staffing agency to get their physical therapy career on the right track! Call 1-800-884-8788 or apply online today to make your mark in allied healthcare today!

Monday February 20, 2012

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I have really enjoyed my time in Kotzebue, AK and hope to make it back again in the future.