Occupational Therapy Jobs Are Celebrated Every Day this April

Welcome to Occupational Therapists Month!
Occupational Therapists Month

Learn different ways to promote awareness during National Occupational Therapy Month

Occupational therapists deserve a national month of recognition—that’s why the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) established April as the time to spread the word about OTs and the good they do for patients of all ages, coping with debilitating injury or illness. Thanks to them more people are living their lives to the fullest!

Patients aren’t alone in benefiting from rehab therapy; those who give it do as well, including OTs in travel occupational therapists jobs. The idea of “living life to its fullest” is embodied in the travel therapist lifestyle. They grow their careers by working in diverse clinical settings and earn, where applicable, a generous bonus that helps them make the most of new assignments—see for yourself by checking your eligibility with one of our consultants, or let a qualified friend know about American Traveler’s referral program.

Scenes from the Travel Therapist Lifestyle Are About Living Life To Its Fullest!

Imagine waking up with a view of Mount Rainier during a stint in Washington therapy jobs, dining on four star cuisine because of Texas therapist jobs, or exploring California’s beaches during your OT assignment on the West Coast. A top rated healthcare staffing agency can create the perfect arrangement and help you live life to its fullest; an important part of this happiness equation requires staying current on occupational therapy career trends—and one can do that easily by visiting the AOTA website.

Top ways of getting others involved and making the most of your Occupational Therapist Career

  1. Stay Informed – click around for information about spreading the word on Awareness Month and connect with the AOTA web site.
  2. Having a direct impact – find a job in a community where you can make a difference with your professional skills. The goal is to help people have independent, productive, and satisfying lives.
  3. Support a positive-focused organization – if you can’t find a job that has a direct positive impact, another way to make a difference with your work is by supporting a company or organization that’s making a difference. Many rural hospitals focus on services and quality care. Search for OT jobs in Washington and Iowa.
  4. Mentoring and transferring knowledge – Ask yourself a simple question: “Who needs help, and how can I help them?” Mentoring can be formal or informal. If you have knowledge that someone new to the OT career could benefit from, make sure to pass it along. One way is to inform your OT friends and colleagues about the rewarding careers in travel therapy jobs. As a travel OT professional, you will acquire skills and knowledge from different settings, benefit from a variety of free benefits, and advance your career. OTs can find rewarding jobs nationwide.

These are just a few ideas from a mile long list of possibilities. Make sure you consider them all on your quest for top earning therapy jobs in all 50 U.S. States!

New occupational therapist career opportunities are opening up all over the United States; including COTA jobs. We offer therapists, as part of a full benefits package, free private housing that overlooks some of the best site seeing America has to offer. Call an American Traveler representative today at 800.884.8788 or apply online. A half-empty cup is waiting to be topped out at full, once you find your dream occupational therapist job!

If you’re interested in how to get organized and apply for an occupational therapy job, read this article: List of Documents for Travel Nurse & Travel Therapy Jobs

Monday April 02, 2012

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