National Rehabilitation Awareness Foundation - Honors PTs Work

Allied healthcare professionals know the benefits of rehabilitation; increased opportunities for the 50 million Americans coping with disabilities.
National Rehab Week

Allied healthcare professionals are well aware of the substantial benefits and impact of rehabilitation on their patients; therapists are united in a mission to help disabled people live their lives to the fullest, as well as increase opportunities for the 50 million Americans managing a disability today. It’s a mission that should be celebrated year round and is, thanks to The National Rehabilitation Awareness Foundation.

For over a decade now, the third week of September is the Awareness Foundation’s week for promoting raised awareness and celebrating what speech language pathologistsoccupational therapists and physical therapists do—which means, in part, using the week to spot-light rehabilitation providers and the services they provide. From September 15 through September 21, 2013, these providers, along with health and human service agencies, will work together, educating the public on the capabilities—not the deficits—that the disabled community possesses.

This is a mission so large and positive in scope that The National Rehabilitation Foundation would like to remind allied healthcare professionals that this is a 24/7, 365 days a year campaign. Now is the perfect time to visit the Rehab Week site and check out its promotional resources, materials and learn more about improving the lives and possibilities of all disabled people. Spread the word at your rehab hospital or outpatient clinic, and get everyone excited about finishing this year, and entering into the next one with therapy career goals shining bright.

Dive into Autumn, Working in the Best Rehab Hospitals in America!

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Sunday September 15, 2013

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