Most Medical Surgical Jobs now require ACLS Certification

Advanced Cardiac Life Support training saves lives in emergency situations – an undisputed fact.
Surgical Jobs require ACLS Certification

Advanced Cardiac Life Support training saves lives in emergency situations – an undisputed fact. It’s why most healthcare providers insist on critical care nurses being ACLS Certified. This, of course, in addition to healthcare reform measures pressuring providers to improve patient safety and reduce mortality rates to maximize Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements.

Clinical Resource Manager for American Traveler, Deborah Bacurin, said there’s an uptick at her agency for Med Surg jobs certified in ACLS. Though not all hospitals require Med/Surg nurses to be ACLS Certified, more hospitals are asking for it.

“The more certifications a travel nurse has, the easier it is to place them,” Bacurin said. “It shows they’re interested in furthering their education and advancing their nurse career.”

The American Heart Association has found that patients in cardiac arrest have a 6.4 percent better chance of survival with ACLS than with conventional CPR. Hospitals and healthcare employers are finding that Med Surg nurses and allied health professionals certified in ACLS, PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) and TNCC (Trauma Nurse Core Course) add value to healthcare staff and foster an environment of patient safety and care excellence.

In addition to FREE deluxe housing, travel nursing jobs at American Traveler include FREE unlimited Continuing Education Units, so nurses can keep professional credentials up to date and maintain their marketability in a competitive healthcare staffing marketplace. 

To learn more about the benefits of travel nursing jobs or to get a recommendation on ACLS courses for Med Surg nurses or other documents for travel nurse jobs, call American Traveler Staffing Professionals at 800.884.8788 or apply online today.

Wednesday April 06, 2011

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