How much experience do I need to be a travel nurse?

This is an answer for Nurse Blogger and anyone else wondering how to start working as a travel nurse.
Experience for Travel Nursing

This answer is for anyone wondering how to start working as a travel nurse. I get this question often. A travel nurse career is an option for nurses graduated from a BSN degree and a with a minimum of 12 months of acute care clinical experience. However with this being said; facilities will determine how many years they want for the position that they are posting (some may require 2 – 5 years). If you are a BSN graduate nurse, without the required experience, the best option is to fill out an application profile and receive future travel nurse job information. Once you have 12 months of acute care clinical experience, come back and update your application profile with the latest job(s) you had in the last 12 months; then, you will be ready to apply for travel nurse jobs nationwide.

Travel nurses get a chance to see new places, expand their resume and work at some of the country’s top facilities. As a travel nurse you can choose jobs close to home or anywhere in the country.

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Wednesday January 27, 2010

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