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Learn more about our Hot Jobs by signing up for our Healthcare Jobs RSS feed or follow us on Twitter. Our Hot Jobs are refreshed hourly, with a call right now for critical care nurses, Case Manager, physical therapists, occupational therapists and Med/Surg nurses across the nation.

You should know that Hot Jobs offer more specialized positions in telemetry, dialysis, Pediatrics and PACU. You can apply for a job that lasts a mere six weeks, or up to five months; a 13 week assignment is the norm.

Every week, we showcase our Top 10 hot jobs. When travel nurses apply, they begin work immediately upon hire.

Do you crave an assignment in New England, the nation’s capital, heart of America or somewhere out west? Featured jobs at American Traveler are diverse, well paying—you could earn up to 110K a year!—and scattered across the country.

As we mentioned earlier on, you won’t need to check in regularly to see the latest in Hot Jobs, because when position openings come to Washington D.C., LA, even Wichita, you’ll feel like a little bird told you, just by following us on Twitter or better yet, get it in your email inbox by signing up with the healthcare job RSS feed; where you will automatically get the latest job offerings. You can also view hot jobs in your phone; get notified on the go! View the job and apply online; it can’t be any easier than that.

By signing up with the healthcare job RSS, you will be able to apply for jobs and take advantage of new postings fast!

If you don’t see a job that fulfills your dream as an adventurous nurse or therapist, you can call us at 1-800-884-8788 for more opportunities.

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Tuesday March 02, 2010

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