The Best New Year's Resolution for your Travel Nurse Career

It’s commonplace now for healthcare employers to insist that registered nurses have their state nursing license already in hand before they’re interviewed !
New Year Resolution for Travel Nurse

Apply Early for Your State Nursing License and Get the Job You Want Most

It’s commonplace now for healthcare employers to insist that registered nurses have their state nursing license already in hand before they’re interviewed. Experienced RNs looking for a top tier travel nursing agency turn to American Traveler for the highest paying travel nursing jobs . Our career resources help you meet nursing license requirements unique to individual state nursing boards, pursue nursing certifications and higher salaries, and so much more that gets your year off to an ideal start—all you need to do is get organized and let our Consultants help with the rest!

A Word from VP of Recruiting on How It Pays to Be Prepared

Travel nurse jobs are surefire way to earn great pay and benefits, like free private housing, that will see qualified registered nurses through a prosperous and well-planned 2011.

“Health Professionals should look at their staffing agency as carefully as their financial planners; like them, experienced consultants plan for your best possible future, helping travel nurses and therapists establish a plan that works for jobs and job locations throughout the calendar year.” says Mary Kay Hull, Vice President of Recruiting.

50 States of Travel Nursing Possibilities. Will You Be Ready?

Where do you want to be this 2011—chances are the answer is meeting amazing new people and seeing the most beautiful and interesting sights the country has to offer. Check out American Traveler’s top destinations for travel nursing jobs and witness, first-hand by applying for registered nurse jobs, the huge spike in online job vacancies noted in this news report about the healthcare jobs rise. Nursing Jobs

Simplify your 2011: Find Out if You’re Qualified to Work in a Compact Nursing State!

Many registered nurses are fortunate to work in compact nursing states; if you meet all Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC state) requirements, you may think your nurse licensure is squared away—still, it’s important to double-check that your license is valid and in order. For quick facts about travel nurse jobs in the 24 NLC U.S. states, bookmark American Traveler’s NLC page, peruse the travel job possibilities, and connect with one of our recruiters for guidance in landing the ultimate healthcare career!

Expand your 2011 Horizons. Bookmark Our Nursing Career Resource Center!

American Traveler knows your nurse licensure is just one part of what makes you an invaluable resource to healthcare employers, colleagues and patients; that’s why our Nurse Career Resources cover all the bases, offering guidance in nursing certifications, ongoing education and more. Expand your horizons in 2011 and get your year off on the right professional footing by calling us at 800-884-8788—or apply online now.


Tuesday January 11, 2011

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