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Colorado is now one of about six U.S. states requiring the registration and licensing of surgical technologists and surgical assistants.
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If you want to practice in the state of Colorado – You need to and act on this important information prior to April 1st

Colorado is now one of about six U.S. states requiring the registration and licensing of surgical technologists and surgical assistants. The new law, effective April 1, 2011, will help ensure hospitals and surgery centers do not inadvertently hire surgical technologists with a criminal background or with a history of jeopardizing patient safety. Additionally, the legislation will allow employers to share information with other potential healthcare employers concerning impaired work function, drug diversion, patient abuse and violent crimes.

The legislation is significant, said State Representatives Debbie Benefield and Sara Gagliardi, drafters of the new law.

“Our bill will require surgical technicians to be registered with the state before working with patients. Employers must verify with the state that a prospective employee’s [surgical technologists and technicians, surg assistants] registration is in good standing before he/she can start working in an operating room. Additionally, if a surgical technologist or assistant is fired or disciplined, the employer must report this information to the state within two weeks,” lawmakers told when drafting their bill.

If you have questions regarding Colorado’s new law requiring surgical technologists, technicians and surgical assistants to register for jobs in the state, click FAQs for Colorado Surgical Technician Jobs licensing.

Colorado Licensee, Applicant Services, and FAQs

Click here to find Surgical Tech Rules for Colorado Jobs, FAQs, and application to register in the state.

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Tuesday March 29, 2011

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