Healthcare Firms: Travelers Hunt Summer Nursing and Therapy Jobs

Staffing consultants and job boards are lighting up with more opportunities than lighting bugs in a mason jar!
Summer Jobs

Staffing consultants and job boards are lighting up now with more opportunities than lighting bugs in a mason jar! The days are lasting longer and travel nurses are fitting more outdoor activities in their time after work. They’re motivated to find ideal nursing and therapy jobs—ones that will carry them into the summer. That’s why it’s important to post your job openings now, with a trusted name in healthcare staffing. Our recruiters work closely with each candidate, bringing talent and clinical expertise to your hospitals, outpatient centers and skilled nursing facilities.

Says Debbie Bacurin, RN, Clinical Account Manager at American Traveler, We are seeing a lot of early postings from Maine to Georgia—in Wisconsin and Michigan, too. Our nurses and therapists know that the best hospitals are posting their job openings right now. If you’re a healthcare facility looking for the best talent out there, post your openings now to find top candidates seeking spring and summer assignments.”

That being said, healthcare employers should know R.N.s and therapists have, when it comes to job searches, an understanding that:

  • Hospitals post positions today for late spring and summer.
  • Job candidates are now getting their state licensures ready for summer positions in locations that include compact nursing states.
  • The demand is greatest in popular summer destinations, like New Jersey nursing jobs where R.N.s enjoy the art, culture and soaking up the rays on the Jersey shore.

Spring into Summer with American Traveler Staffing Professionals

So, what are you waiting for? Joint Commission-certified, American Traveler brings talented candidates together with healthcare employers located in all 50 U.S. States. We encourage all our hospital contacts to post your Hot Jobs today!

Monday April 08, 2013

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