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Travel Nurse Recruiters

Our team of caring and competent recruiters have won industry-wide recognition for excellence.

The recruiters at  American Traveler are experts in the dynamics of healthcare travel. Their skill is backed by thorough training and a management team with over 25 years of healthcare staffing experience. Our recruiters will respond quickly when you complete an online application. They'll chat with you and start searching immediately for traveling nurse jobs that match your criteria. You may even have a job by the end of the day. 

What is a Travel Nurse Recruiter?

American Traveler recruiters go above and beyond most other travel nurse recruiters. Our consultants not only find you the job you want, they quickly become your friend and confidant. They guide you continually toward high-paying traveling nurse jobs, call you weekly to ensure your satisfaction with assignment, housing and benefits and point you in the direction of fun things to do, sights to see and travel nursing adventure you might not consider otherwise. Learn more.

Travel nurse services you can trust

Next to high salaries and lucrative benefits, you’ve told us that customer support during your traveling nurse jobs is your highest priority. Consequently, American Traveler recruiters deliver a level of expertise that is a notch above so many others in the profession. Meet our recruiters up close and personal ...

  • Traveling nurse jobs selection – you choose from more jobs in more states
  • Destination recommendations – best kept secrets, things to do, eats and shopping
  • Travel nurse services 24/7 emergency hotline – you’re never alone!
  • Traveling nurse career resource library – aid with licensure, travel and education
  • Early search – you’ll always know where you’re going next, well in advance
  • Travel Nurse recruiters you will know as well as a friend will ensure job satisfaction

Finding the perfect housing for your traveling nurse job is a top priority

Travel nurse recruiters at American Traveler will tell you everything you need to know about your deluxe private housing, before you arrive. The size and location of your spacious, one-bedroom apartment, whether you have a pool and fitness center, what type of laundry amenities you can expect. You'll also learn about the distance to work, nearby parks, shopping and restaurants. Our attention to the tiniest of details is why so many choose our staff rather than other travel nurse recruiters.

Our RN Coordinators are here to support your travel nurse career

A highly-skilled staff of RN Clinical Coordinators at American Traveler is at your disposal to help with matters of a clinical nature. There’s always a colleague at corporate to bounce ideas off and consult for advice.

In addition, our Housing, Benefits and Payroll departments are manned full-time with rigorously-trained specialists who follow your needs every step of the way. They'll keep you traveling smoothly 24/7, 365 days a year.

The time to travel is now!

Traveling nurse jobs pay extremely well, come with great benefits, and are a fantastic way to grow personally and professionally. If you’ve never been travel nursing and you want to know more, view some of our travel nursing videos or go to our frequently asked questions.

Come join the American Traveler ultimate travel nursing experience.

Apply online or call to speak to one of our expert recruiters at (800) 884-8788.

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