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Travel Nurse Company

Learn more about our travel nurse company, and what puts us head and shoulders above the rest.

What Makes American Traveler a Truly Professional Travel Nurse Company?

We could go on all day about our superior travel nursing benefits and our extensive job listings, but that doesn't tell the whole story. At the end of the day, a travel nurse company is the people who work there -- and the service they provide to you, the customer. 

Our Recruiters

When you work with  American Traveler, your recruiter will be with you every step of the way. You'll experience the ultimate travel nursing assignment because your recruiter will find the one that meets your criteria for location, hospital specifications, housing, salary and bonuses. While you're enjoying meeting new friends and living in exciting new places, your recruiter and the professional support staff at American Traveler will be taking care of all the important details like: on-time paychecks, travel nursing reimbursements, insurance, and benefits administration.

Our recruiting team has decades of experience, and they are fully committed to providing the best customer service possible. Your recruiter will be in touch with you constantly, by phone, by email, by any means necessary. 

Our Client Services Department

We believe that a travel nurse company achieves success by providing the highest level of customer service. It is our goal to respond promptly to inquiries and provide thorough attention to detail … no matter how small.

The Client Services Department is staffed with representatives who are available to our travel nurses at any given moment of the day. If your recruiter is on another line and temporarily unable to take your call, your Client Services Representative is at your disposal to assist! We offer this service as our commitment to provide immediate follow up and service to our number one priority: our nurses' complete satisfaction. Travel nurses find having a familiar person to answer multiple departmental questions often saves them time. You'll have peace of mind, knowing that the entire company knows you and is working for you!

Our Credentialing and Documentation Team

Gathering together the paperwork for a travel nursing assignment can be a challenge. Licenses, certifications, medical clearances, references ... oh my! Especially for a first-time travel nurse, it can be a bit overwhelming. Don't worry, our  ace team of documentation and credentialing specialists are here to help you every step of the way. You'll be provided with detailed information on what to provide and when. And they will check in frequently to see if there is anything you need. 

Our Housing Team

No question, housing is one of the most important parts of a travel nurse job. Our company's housing team has years of experience finding top-quality accommodations for travelers across the country. They will make sure your housing is ready and waiting before you arrive. They will arrange for furnishings, utilities, driving directions and more.  Travel with a pet? A friend? Need to be on the first floor? Want some tips about what to bring or what to do once you arrive? Our housing department is happy to take care of any special requests. No wonder our travelers consistently rate our housing so highly.

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