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Learn about the many possibilities in rewarding and high-paying physical therapy careers

Successful Career Path in Physical Therapy Jobs

American Traveler places physical therapists and other allied healthcare professionals in thousands of hospitals and rehab centers throughout the United States. Our corporate staff is well trained and has years of experience in the healthcare staffing industry. Our expert consultants will work with graduate Physical Therapists and experienced PTs to find the best placement that will fulfill your physical therapy career needs.

A rewarding travel therapist career

Nowadays, it's more common to see experienced Physical Therapists take PT travel jobs because of its superior benefits package and a chance to experience new locations. Many physical therapists opt for a travel therapy assignment with American Traveler because it gives them the flexibility to sample various clinical settings and enhance their resume in exciting locations across the country -- all while earning top dollar.

But, being a travel therapist is not only for seasoned therapists, a graduate physical therapist can also benefit from a travel physical therapist job; the career opportunities and knowledge acquired are endless! Plus, review the benefits that come with travel physical therapy careers:

Another great benefit - If you're looking for physical therapist work close to home, American Traveler will search for physical therapy jobs near your hometown and subsidize your rent or mortgage.

Traveling with family, friends and / or pets? We're happy to arrange for the type of housing you need, including pet-friendly accommodations, on PT travel jobs nationwide.

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to choose permanent physical therapist jobs at American Traveler: Substantial pay with PT travel jobs! You earn on average up to 20 percent more than with staff positions. Our tax advantage plan can mean up to 15 percent more take home pay, which can put you well on your way to a six-figure income!

My search for Travel Physical Therapy Jobs took me to the right place

Dennis holds a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy and an MBA in Healthcare Administration. A native New Yorker, Dennis had a ten-year physical therapy career in Manhattan. He has worked in pediatric and cardiac rehab, in-patient and out-patient settings, and has experienced physical therapy jobs in a variety of bustling urban facilities.

"The fast pace of practicing physical therapy in New York was exciting, but Iwas starting to wonder what else was out there. I was also finishing up with my business degree, and thinking about the next stage in my career. At that point I decided on a travel therapist job. My brother and his family live in South Florida, so taking a travel physical therapist job that put me close to family — while trying out a new clinical setting — sounded like a great fit."

Dennis, PT, MBA

More about Travel Physical Therapy Careers

Perks of travel therapist jobs

PT travel jobs are typically offered as 13-week assignments and may be renewed several times -- if the both the travel therapist and healthcare facility agree to an extension. American Traveler has year-round opportunities for qualified physical therapists. You can work full time, or you can take a break between assignments. You may also build time off into your contract with the facility. In addition to travel physical therapist jobs, we also offer permanent physical therapist jobs. It's your choice.

Upon receiving your completed online therapy jobs application, American Traveler staffing experts will match your preferences to the physical therapy jobs in the area you requested. You will be presented promptly with several high-paying PT travel jobs. You decide which, if any, of these jobs you wish to pursue, and a telephone interview with the rehab facility will be arranged.

American Traveler has physical therapy jobs at top hospitals, outpatient facilities and nationally recognized rehabilitation clinics.

Our physical therapy workplaces are as varied as the PT's who work in them. Some PT's prefer a hospital environment, while others prefer in-patient or out-patient positions at rehabilitation centers. Physical therapy careers are becoming a popular choice, in part because there are assignments of many kinds available nationwide.

Whether you choose to work in a hospital, in home health care, in a rehabilitation clinic, or even in a corporate setting, success in physical therapy careers is achievable in so many ways.

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