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In an effort to keep career nurses in the workforce, more travel nursing agencies are catering to late-career RN’s.
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Travel Nursing Careers are a Perfect Fit for Experienced RNs

In an effort to keep career nurses in the workforce, more travel nursing agencies are catering to late-career RN’s -- also known as “Baby Boomer” nurses. Travel nursing benefits like flexible schedules, education incentives, retirement plans and three day work weeks are particularly attractive to these valuable members of the profession.

Click here to watch video and learn why Pat, with a 38-year nursing career, switched to travel nursing

With America’s nurse shortage becoming more critical, accommodating seasoned practitioners is vital. Fewer nurses are entering the profession than exiting, and travel nursing is attractive choice both for Baby Boomer nurses who wish to continue working, and for healthcare providers in need of their expertise.

“Travel nursing careers promote a healthy, stable alternative to leaving the profession,” says Clinical Coordination Manager, Deborah B. R.N., who points to surveys published by the Urban Institute. These studies suggest that Baby Boomer travel nurses are willing and able to work through their 50s and 60s, as long as employers are willing to furnish health and retirement benefits and a platform for professional development.

Nurses are traveling more now than ever, with travelers age 40 and older increasing ten percent in the last decade. The number of working travel nurses 55 years and older has doubled since the year 2000. They now make up nearly 10 percent of the traveling nurse workforce.

“Travel nurse jobs provide the work-life balance mentor nurses need to keep working,” said Robert Bok, CEO for American Traveler. “This aids the industry in reducing the loss of critical knowledge and intellectual capital needed to train new nurses and impart quality patient care.”

America’s nurse population age 55 and older is projected to grow by almost 20 percent over the next ten years. By 2020, more than 40 percent of America’s nurse workforce will be over 50 years old, at which point many RN’s are expected to retire and withdraw from the profession.

Full-time travel therapist, Terry, age 58, says he has no intention of retiring early. The Certified Clinical Instructor and his wife, a travel nurse, have both been employed by American Traveler for a number of years and state that healthcare travel has provided them with a quality of life that is unsurpassed by previous professions. "I like being a part of healing others, I love people, I love teaching and I love what I do," said Terry.

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Travel Nurses Favorite Road Trips

Washington Travel Nursing Adventure – Puget Sound

Tom and I take another explore onto the Peninsula, driving up to Port Townsend for the night and eating clam chowder along the waterfront. We always seem to hit the clear days, sky lifting momentarily vast and blue above Puget Sound. The reclusive mountains rear white and splendid, reflected in the bay. Ducks and gulls dive for mussels in the clear water a few feet from our table. Sailboats glow in the evening sunlight. "I could live here," I tell Tom. We explore housing and discuss what it would take to anchor us in one place. The next morning we are off again, taking the extensive Washington State ferry system across to Whidbey Island-$11 including the truck. Dolphins scoot ahead rippling the gentle swell. Children are laughing on deck. I take pictures until my fingers are numb in the cold air. An older man starts a conversation with me. He's headed for Whidbey and has paid a senior fair of $1.50. There's a free bus ride up the island, he tells me, and he's going to have lunch with a friend.

Editor’s Note:

Jean Aspen is an RNC certified in Labor and Delivery. In the two years Jean has traveled with American Traveler, she’s enjoyed rewarding travel nursing jobs in WI, AZ, CA and WA.

And, because of superb travel nurse high pay and benefits, the nurse specialist has decided to accept yet another Washington travel nursing assignment with American Traveler!

We appreciate Jean’s submission of this beautifully written summary of her latest travel nurse adventures to share with others also considering travel nurse jobs in the great state of Washington.

Traveler of the Month

On assignment in California - or in his hometown - this Travel Therapist is enjoying every minute

PT says the “TRAVEL” in travel therapy is what he likes most

“Seeing new places and meeting new people is why I love to travel.” – Physical Therapist, Jeffrey M., for American Traveler

Jeffrey started traveling as a Physical Therapist with American Traveler two years ago and has been traveling ever since. This Pennsylvania native launched his travel therapy career with a California physical therapist job in Mountain View California, where highlights included San Francisco Giants’ games and Fleet Week with the Blue Angels.  

Jeffrey said his California PT job introduced him to advanced techniques, new methods and the opportunity to work with practitioners focused on less invasive surgeries. Now working at a Physical Therapy job in Pennsylvania, Jeffrey’s visiting with family and hometown friends ... read more about Jeffrey's experiences as a traveling Physical Therapist or view a few of American Traveler's best therapy jobs.

Travel Nursing Romance, Always and Forever

We interviewed travel nursing professional Anne two years ago on assignment in Tucson, AZ. She had just turned 30 and had met engineer Matt at a singles meeting after an adrenaline-packed day at work. Two years later, Anne and Matt were married in the Dominican Republic, “It was a picture perfect dream wedding” she said.

Anne started travel nursing with American Traveler almost fresh out of nursing school. She burned out quickly as a staff RN, she said, and looked to travel nursing to get her life back. Four assignments, a new husband and a newly purchased home later, Anne has her life back and is happier than ever.

 “I planned on only a 13-week travel nursing job in Tucson, but after meeting Matt, I renewed the contract several times and spent more than a year at the hospital there,” she said.  

Anne likes the float pool and works Med / Surg a lot, she said. She’s been travel nursing with feline friend, Icy, since day one and has recently adopted a poodle named Munch. “ American Traveler is really good at finding housing for pets .”

Anne commends American Traveler consultant Janet B. on supporting her efforts as a travel nurse every step of the way. American Traveler accommodations  are superb, Anne says, and housing is always close to assignment and amenities. Anne’s the outdoorsy type and enjoys hiking, mountain biking and camping, but the best part of all she says, “Is that I met my husband Matt.”

To learn more about travel nursing jobs in Arizona and around the country, call American Traveler at 800-884-8788 or apply online today. Read travel nursing testimonials.

Tax Advantage Plan

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Jean Travel Nurse in Washington
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