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How to Get Hired for a Travel Nursing Job

To get hired for a travel nursing job, you need to know how to stand out and make sure you get the right job at the right time.

Make Sure You Rise to the Top of the List

American Traveler's recruiters confirm that we are in the middle of one of the most challenging – and exciting — times in travel nursing. Increasing numbers of experienced nurses want to take advantage of the high pay and benefits of travel nursing jobs, especially in these tough economic times. But, at the same time, health care employers are dealing with tight budgets. As a result, many hospitals have turned to travel nurses to handle patient care and are finding themselves with an abundance of qualified candidates. So, what should you do to stand out and get that nursing job you really want? Keep reading ...

Hospitals are looking for multi-taskers

Hospitals are posting more jobs for nurses to cover several different units. For example, a med/surg nurse who can also work in pediatrics and telemetry is a real find -- or an L&D nurse who can also do mother/baby and NICU. You can increase your marketability with certification in an additional specialty or by asking your nurse manager if there are areas that you can float to within your scope of practice.

What's going on in today's health care job market?

The candidate selection process is not what it was as last year or even a few months ago. Today’s travel nurses have more competition from their peers. The good news: this is only temporary. Short term demand for health care services rises and falls. Long term, there is still far more need for nursing staff than anticipated supply. And hospitals that have reduced full time staff will rely on travel nurse staffing agencies to fill the gaps when things turn around.

In the meantime, travel nurses must remain patient and be flexible. It may take you more time than before to find that great travel nurse job. Most likely your recruiter will have to submit your profile to multiple facilities. But, don't worry and don’t let this get to you. You know you're a great professional and we also know you are a great nurse; just be aware that facilities are getting slammed with candidates. Now, this is the main question; how can you set yourself apart from the other candidates? Ask your recruiter what you can do to make your job application stand out from others. Some simple things to keep in mind:

  • Making sure that your application is complete and free of spelling errors
  • Licensure and certifications are up-to-date
  • Take extra courses
  • Apply for your state nursing license in advance

By following these tips, you will be ready for that great travel nurse job at the right time!

In a tight employment market, you might have to adjust your preferences on shift or location. Remember, it’s not forever, only until the market recovers. Wait a while, and you will be calling the shots again!  You also might want to consider other specialties. For example, if you’re a critical care nurse, ask about telemetry openings. That might just be the trick that you needed to get that door to open. It’s all about creating positions for yourself and improving your nursing skills.

Travel nursing is a rewarding and lucrative career. Your experience with adjusting to new locations, new co-workers, new systems and new procedures is a real advantage in today's healthcare employment marketplace. We know that at American Traveler, and we want to make sure that you and your future employers know it too.

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