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Healthcare Staffing - Technology Solutions

Our healthcare staffing technology solutions offer hospital clients an entire line of services - all designed to streamline operations using state-of-the-art technology.

Technology and Services Available to Hospitals

American Traveler is proud to offer a full array of consulting services to our hospital clients. Our solutions encompass all aspects of supplemental staffing including our expertise on recommendations of web based staffing and information technology services. These services will optimize hospitals' valuable human resources, save significant capital, and ease the burdens of maintaining adequate staffing levels.

What is the Latest Technology Available to Hospital Staffing Today? Web Based Staffing Solutions

Hospital clients may choose an entire line of services or customize the elements that will most efficiently streamline their operations. From a Hospital employer utilizing a single source provider to Clients wishing to consolidate all of their preferred multiple agency vendors, we have the expertise to recommend the right service for your organization.

Featuring state-of-the-art integrated systems, an internet interface will provide a full suite of vendor neutral services including:

  • Electronic Candidate Management for healthcare employers
  • Online viewing of travel nurse profiles, documentation, credentials & references
  • Payroll Processing and Time Sheet Management
  • Consolidated Electronic Invoicing, Tracking and Reporting Capabilities
  • Instant Online Messaging and Search Capabilities
  • Performance Evaluations and Status Reports
  • Online Bidding Services
  • Audit and Compliance Services
  • Information Technology Integration with Currently Installed Systems
  • Customized Services to Meet Specific Organizational Goals & Objectives

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These services require only an internet connection; there is no need for a healthcare employer to make a capital investment in software or equipment.

We offer our clients superb services and solutions - and invite you first hand, to see how American Traveler can dramatically improve your operations immediately. Fill out the Hospital Request for Information today for a complete review of options. We are confident you will find our staffing options and capabilities beyond your expectations.