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Compliance Audit Scores Rating of 99.7%

See our outstanding results in our compliance audit. Over 99.7% score!

Compliance audit scores that confirm excellence in healthcare staffing from American Traveler Staffing

When It Comes to Patient Care There is No Room for Error! At American Traveler, our commitment to quality consistently nets us top marks in the Employee Compliance department. All credentials must be valid from beginning to end of each assignment. Our clients audit our files to ensure that all requirements are met. There is a thorough review of accurate and up-to-date files which include, but are not limited to:

  • Licensure & Certifications
  • Employment Verification
  • Background & Drug Screens
  • Medical History
  • Competency Validations
  • Complete Work History

How did we do? See for yourself:

Organization Details
Audit Comments
99.0% Large Statewide Trade Association representing hospitals, healthcare systems, affiliated health organizations, and the patients and communities they serve "Thank you for having your audit in such good order."
99.6% Two Midwestern States Hospital Associations "Files were in great order and easy to follow."
100% Affiliation of State Hospital Associations servicing participating institutions in the Mid Atlantic Region "American Traveler received the Certificate of Excellence for earning 100% on the Allied Health audit this year."
100% An organization of over 100 Hospital Associations and Health Systems in the Northeast "Thanks again for an easy and great audit. My compliments to you."
100% State Hospital Association Representing over 150 hospitals and 15 Health Systems "Great job! I wish all of our audits were this good."

Audit Results 2012 - overall rating of 99.7%

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