Travel nurse Robyn R., CC, RN in Seattle, WA

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I am very satisfied with American Traveler and both my consultants have been a huge help and absolutely wonderful! This was my first travel nurse job and moved 3000 miles from home; everyone has been very helpful on making my 1st travel nurse job pleasant and less stressful. Keep up the great work!
Allison, CC, Registered Nurse
Thank you so much for everything. I really appreciate the help and support that I get from the staff at American Traveler. It makes me feel like I'm not out here by myself but that I have a huge support system that I can count on.
Betty, Registered Nurse
The housing is great! I have a really nice house on a golf course in a gated community; and, I love the furniture. The hospital staff has been great in the ER & the Nurse Manager was very happy to see me yesterday. Everything has been very smooth. The Housing department did an amazing job too! I'm sure it was hard to organize everything in such a short time.
Elizabeth, ER, Registered Nurse
I’ve worked with one other travel agency and get calls from some others, but I like American Traveler because they’ve always offered the most money and I trust my recruiter, Karen Stegeman implicitly.
Ashly, OR, Registered Nurse
Ashly at the Golden Gate