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American Traveler Brands Staffing Solutions

American Traveler's network of affiliate companies offer flexible staffing options, proprietary IT solutions and an extensive network of qualified healthcare professionals to healthcare employers.

Staffing Solutions from American Traveler Cover all the Bases

With more than 25 years of healthcare staffing expertise, American Traveler Companies staff more than 80% of hospitals ranked “The Best” byU.S. News & World Report. Our flexible staffing options, proprietary IT solutions and sizable network of qualified healthcare professionals boost fill rates, scale-back costs and facilitate staff performance and morale.

Our Unique Value Proposition is Our Synergy with You

Over the years, The Joint Commission certified American Traveler has grown its healthcare staffing network in concert with the needs of top hospitals, healthcare systems, out-patient centers and clinics nationwide. By relying on a multi-brand approach to recruitment, we’re able to attract the nation’s best, from Family Practitioners to Oncologists, RNs and Imaging experts and more.

  • American Traveler – Multidisciplinary travel and permanent nursing & allied professionals
  • Stay Staffed – Customizable web-based workforce management IT solutions
  • Candidate Direct – Online staffing solutions for healthcare employers and staffing agencies
  • Travel Force – Experienced therapists and allied health professionals
  • 50 States Staffing – Temporary and permanent nurse and therapist staffing
  • Advantage Benefits Company – Full-service benefits administration

We conduct thorough background checks and drug screening of all candidates. We take an inventory of skills, verify documentation and licensure and provide clients with the most qualified talent available.

Our Technology

Our proprietary web-based management and scheduling solutions are recognized by the industry as bringing cost savings and efficiency to healthcare organizations of all types and sizes. No investment in software or hardware is required and, as hosted solutions, can be accessed from any Internet connection, 24.7 / 365 days a year.

  • Secure Servers - Servers are housed in secure data centers in multiple locations.
  • Full redundancy - Physically secure environment infrastructure provides guaranteed connectivity. Data is replicated across servers for further redundancy.
  • Data integrity -128-bit SSL certification for encryption; every user is authenticated by a specific user name and unique password.
  • Back-ups - All customer data stored on RAID hard disks with daily backup.
  • Automatic updates - Data integrity, back ups, and automatic updates 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our state-of-the-art-technologies are configured to accommodate mobile Internet devices such as iPhones, Blackberries and other leading hand-held technologies.

We are a Full Service Managed Provider

American Traveler Companies provide a wide range of services to meet the unique needs of your organization. We can help you define and meet your staffing goals, as well as to provide you with an integrated IT platform to streamline and automate staffing protocols.

Core Staffing Solutions

  • Recruit - We do this through career outreach and targeted online marketing
  • Interview - We screen for competency, education and work experience
  • Fill Open Orders Quickly - Minimize overtime and burnout
  • Administer Benefits - Significant time savings to clients
  • Provide Education - Free CEUs boost candidate qualifications

Technology-based staffing solutions

Internal Staffing Management – Optimizes internal resources and results in fewer agency fees. Online open shift scheduling 24.7 renders obsolete tedious calling campaigns to fill shifts

Vendor Management – Simplifies operations and helps relieve administrative burdens

Stay Staffed Candidate Direct - Contingent workforce management builds hospital brand recognition and loyalty and eliminates need for excessive agency mark ups

Client Services

American Traveler is known for outstanding customer service and its friendly, experienced people. All staffing solutions come with 24.7 / 365 support and onsite training is available. We have a system of Quality Assurance set in place and rely on leading-edge technology and innovation to meet the staffing needs of healthcare providers in the millennium. 

Call 800-884-8788 to learn more or to speak with a member of our executive staff about how American Traveler can help you forecast your needs and develop a staffing solution that’s right for your organization. 

American Traveler is a healthcare recruiting company with several brands for travel nursing assignments, allied healthcare and workforce management software. To learn more about services offered by our healthcare partners, visit us online by clicking on any of the company links below.