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Physical Travel Therapist, Terry, a PTA says with his wife at his side, Richell, a travel RN "We have it all"

Physical Therapy Assistant enjoys the outdoor lifestyle, along with the benefits of American Traveler's free private housing, wherever he and his travel nurse wife go

Special Olympics coordinator and former engineer, Terry H., continues to grow his travel therapy career with American Traveler. At age 58, the Oklahoma native travels between the Sooner State and Eau Claire, Wisconsin, helping patients and their families, fishing and canoeing on Lake Michigan and enjoying the outdoors with travel RN wife, Richell.Travel therapist - PTA and wife enjoying travel therapy job lifestyle

Terry decided on travel therapy when Richell suggested the two see America, now that their five boys are grown. Terry recalls living in an RV on the lake, bonfires at night, hunting by day.

Wisconsin is the best place to fish, canoe, hunt and kayak,” said Terry, “The state has more blacktop bicycle trails than anywhere in the U.S. and hundreds of miles of trails for ATVs and snowmobiles.”

Eight years and several certifications later, Terry now pursues PTA jobs six months out of the year in Oklahoma, near his family, and the other six months in Wisconsin, close to where Richell grew up – “at a small hospital where the people are as friendly as can be,” he said. “Practically every department in the hospital showed up for our going away party.”

Terry expressed concern, at first, with transitioning from his comfortable RV life on the lake to more conventional PTA job housing, as he hadn’t lived in an apartment in years and didn’t know what to expect. He found American Traveler accommodations to be deluxe and impressive.

“They provided us and our two cats, Shadow and Tyson, with a beautiful, fully-furnished duplex. We love the vaulted ceilings, big yard and the fact we don’t pay rent or utilities.”

Terry says he’s more than pleased with American Traveler support and the excellent service he’s received from consultant, Anita Margulies.

“Has Anita gotten an award yet? She and others are the reason why, in all my travel PTA jobs, I haven’t traveled with any other company.” [Watch travel therapist video]

A grandfather of four, Terry prefers his Physical Therapy Assistant job over the long list of careers he’s had in the past, saying that his level of personal and professional satisfaction with his PTA job is unprecedented.

“I like being a part of healing others, I love people, I love teaching and I love what I do.”

For more information regarding PTA jobs and other travel therapy jobs with American Traveler, call 800-884-8788 or apply online today.