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nursing boards listYou’ve got your eye on a travel nursing job that sounds great. It’s in your top specialty, in a prestigious hospital, and it’s in a state where you’ve always wanted to work. But … you’re not sure if your nursing license is valid there. Lots of travelers need help with licensure in new states. A top-notch travel nursing agency is one of your primary resources for obtaining license and certification information.

Naturally, one of your first stops for nursing license requirements will be the internet. American Traveler provides a nursing boards list by state, which can serve as an easy jumping-off point. (One of the first things you may want to check is whether your potential job is in one of the Nurse Licensure Compact States, facilitating your application.)

Your consultant should be knowledgeable about the requirements for obtaining licensure in your destination state and can explain the process to you. They’ll also advise you on how long the verification process may take. Travel nurses and travel therapists can expect licenses to take as little as one day in a “walk-through” state; it may take several weeks or longer to obtain licensure from some State Boards of Nursing.

In addition to helping you through the process, your travel nursing agency should also make licensure reimbursement available.

Perhaps most importantly, your consultant will know if the hospital that’s offering your position requires other certifications – in addition to state licensure. (The more advanced the facility and the specialty, the more likely it is that additional certifications, employment or educational standards may be required.) As with any profession, it’s a good idea to stay current with hiring trends and what employers in your specialty are looking for. Talk with your consultant and have your documentation ready, and you’ll be well on your way to that ideal job in that ideal location.

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    Travel nursing jobs can be very lucrative and they give you the opportunity to travel the world rather than being stuck working in an assisted living facility all day! Who can ask for a better job than to work as a travel nurse and see the world while caring for patients.

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