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Because you stay busy as a travel nurse, financial analysts recommend the more hassle-free approach of automatic, consistent contributions to your travel nurse job benefits, such as IRA and 401K savings plans; reading the fine print on your next credit card statement is a good way to get started. See if they offer a Retirement Rewards Program!

Here’s an example of how it works at Fidelity Investments Retirement Rewards (American Express): you earn 2 points for every dollar charged on the card; once you rack up 5,000 points—equivalent to $2,500 in charges—Fidelity will funnel $50 into your IRA as a current year contribution. The Ameriprise Financial Mastercard offers a similar program. Considering that 78% of Americans under prioritize their retirement savings, reward programs like these seem like a good way to go—the only caveat: pay off your balances on time, or suffer the ding of a higher (than traditional credit cards) interest rate.

Travel nursing jobs pay well. The U.S. Department of Labor reports earning potential for RN’s as anywhere from the upper 50’s to 110K per year; good news for nurses looking to salt away ample retirement funds.

With the goal of staying in good financial shape this year, we welcome comments from nurses who can share their insights on shrewd financial planning. Post a comment and have a rich and wonderful day!

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  1. Ray Williams Says:

    This is helpful retirement planning information! I was not aware of credit card’s offering such incentive plans for retirement savings. It’s definitely never too soon to start thinking about retirement!

  2. Travel Nursing Blog » Blog Archive » RNs get your finger on the pulse of Personal Finance, starting today! Says:

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  3. Dung Brixey Says:

    Oh my God. This is exactly what I was looking for many days and I have eventually found what I need. I really needed help this information has really helped me and I am very happy now. Thank you so much.

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