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Read all about the best U.S. States for occupational therapists Today is Friday the 13th, as good a time as any to plan your next career move. Fortunately, for occupational therapists, the career outlook couldn't look any better; that’s why recruiting experts have narrowed the infinite possibilities by focusing on the Top 13 best places to work in occupational therapy. If you’re looking to find top benefits that include free private housing in one of these great cities, today might be your lucky day! The Top 13 Places to Get Occupational Therapy Jobs in the USA The following details on top states for occupational therapists make for great selling points—states made the list for their abundance in OT jobs, amazing healthcare facilities and top pay! • California occupational therapy jobs couldn't be any more golden! Come leave your heart in San Francisco, or work in therapy jobs throughout exciting Southern Cal. • Colorado occupational therapy jobs are close to miles of white powder to ski on, or toast with hot chocolate from your ski chalet. There’s also great food and drink to be had in the mile high city of Denver! • Iowa occupational therapy jobs, is a foray into [+]