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California Physical Therapy Association Conference Report: The inside scoop on our iPad 2 raffle winner, the 'Barefoot Debate', Recent PT School Grads and the Tax Advantage Plan Located just 20 miles south of Los Angeles, nestled along one of the west coast’s most picturesque waterfronts, Long Beach is a pretty sweet place to catch up on the latest news in the physical therapy field. CPTA ConferenceConventions like the CPTA are a great resource for practitioners seeking to connect with other PT’s and learn more about the latest developments in the industry. And conferences are also a great opportunity to expand your employment horizons and think about a PT career in a new way. As part of American Traveler’s program to reach out to allied health professionals, Dennis Grandic, PT, Clinical Resource Manager and Account Manager for Allied Health -- and Kimberly Mayhue, Account Manager -- two of American Traveler’s key contacts for allied health job seekers -- attended the recent California Physical Therapy Association convention in Long Beach. The 2011 CPTA featured noteworthy physical therapy experts like John Meyer PT, DPT, OCS, FAFS and Irene Davis PT, PhD who, respectively, led classes in Intraarticular Hip Pathology and [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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physical therapist careers Meet Dennis, a native New Yorker, with a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy and an MBA in Healthcare Administration. A native New Yorker, Dennis had a ten-year physical therapy career in Manhattan. Dennis shares his tips on why he choose to leave his permanent position and take a travel physical therapy job. Dennis shares, "After working ten years in physical therapy pediatric and cardiac rehab, the fast pace lifestyle of New York was exciting, but I was starting to wonder what else was out there. I was also finishing up with my business degree, and thinking about the next stage in my career. At that point I decided on a travel therapy job. My brother and his family live in South Florida, so taking a physical therapy job that put me close to family — while trying out a new clinical setting — sounded like a great fit." Like many travel jobs, Dennis' three-month assignment was extended to almost a year.  Many travel therapy jobs work out so well for the therapist and for the facility that everybody agrees to keep things going; some even become permanent. After ten years as a practicing [+]