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The start of holiday shopping is over a week away, and many travel nurses will likely have to ship gifts and send cards to their loved ones.  We all know the postholiday gift shipping tips office is a busy place during the holidays, so it’s definitely a good idea to be prepared before making the trip there.  After all, travel nursing can keep you busy enough as it is! Tips for Boxes and Envelopes It’s a good idea to start gathering boxes and envelopes for gifts that will be secure and hold gifts without any issue.  The post office provides boxes for Priority mail for free, and has flat rates, so no matter how heavy the package is, it will ship for a set price.  It’s important to know that there are deadlines for sending packages using these flat rate boxes and envelopes too.  It is important to know the deadlines for sending packages, especially internationally, since it usually will take more time to get to the intended destination.  Whether you have a travel nursing job in New York or Arizona, it’s better to send sooner rather than later. See USPS Locator Track your boxes this holiday [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Clinical Educator and ER nurse, Partrice Ballard, combines a love of travel with preparing nursing students for bright futures American Traveler caught up with Patrice Ballard, MSN for a chat about her experiences working as a Nurse Educator in Arizona. Part I of this two part nurse interview introduces RNs and physical therapists keen on combining work and travel, to a fellow professional who currently enjoys the best of both worlds. Patrice is a wife, mother and full-time Clinical Educator, with the admirable ability to work, also, in the ER once a week. Here, she shares commentary and tips for making the most of an 8 month long travel nursing assignment. Q: What prompted you to pursue a travel nursing career? A: You know, it’s a little ironic—albeit in a wonderful way—that I began a travel nurse career after 15 years in the ER.  Friends and family used to describe me as a “hover mother” – couldn’t picture me on an out-of-state assignment, but when the opportunity to work 34 weeks in Globe, Arizona came, I jumped on it. Q: You secured a unique position. How did that come about?nurse interview - picture at hot balloon fiesta in New Mexico[+]