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holiday safety tips for travel nurses Nurses around the nation will be decorating their travel nurse housing this holiday season. Traveling healthcare professionals are just like anyone else this time of year: they love to decorate and make the season bright. Travel nurse housing across America is aglow with twinkling lights, glowing fireplaces, and scented candles like gingerbread and pinecone. Nothing wrong with showing a little holiday spirit; however, as any ER nurse can tell you, over **14,000 people a year are admitted to the hospital with injuries from winter decorating. Here are 10 important holiday safety tips for a merrier holiday season. Pay attention to the label on an artificial tree. Make sure it has a “Fire Resistant” label. Check live trees for freshness. You can gauge the health of a tree by making sure the needles are hard to break or pull from the branches. The bottom of a healthy tree is sticky; when tapped on the ground, it sheds few needles. Set your tree up carefully. When you bring the tree back to your travel nurse housing, place it AWAY from heat sources, i.e. fireplaces, radiators and vents. If you have a real tree, refresh its [+]


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The RN Work Project is about to conclude its multi-state, 10-year study of the career trajectory of newly-licensed registered nurses in 2016. The goal is to understand the reasons behind nurse turnover so that healthcare providers can improve recruitment and retention strategies. A snapshot of the results from 2006 to 2014 (the study concludes in 2015): 17.9% of new nurses left their first job within the first year. 33.5% of newly-licensed RNs changed employers within two years of hire. 60% of licensed nurses left their position within 8 years. Of course, not all hospitals and healthcare facilities experience this level of nurse turnover. But whatever the rate of nurse turnover is at your facility, the costs can get out of control quickly. Hospitals Lose Millions Annually The estimated cost of nurse turnover varies within the healthcare industry. The American Organization of Nurse Executives estimates that direct recruitment costs alone are $10,000 per nurse departure. The Nursing Executive Center calculates that the direct recruitment costs make up just 21 percent of the total cost of hospital nurse turnover. It’s the indirect costs such as the loss of experienced RNs, new hire training, loss of productivity, and adverse patient outcomes that make up 79 [+]


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Breast Cancer Month Awreness walk - American Traveler team On October 25th, 2014, thirty of our staffing professionals at American Traveler showed their commitment to fighting breast cancer by walking in the American Cancer Society's annual “Making Strides” event; held all over the United States, the 5K donor walk in South Palm Beach saw an amazing turnout of 20,000 participants! The smiling faces  and able bodies that came together at Mizner Park in Boca Raton, Florida on a beautiful blue October weekend helped raise over a half million dollars! The funds are used to support breast cancer research and support the millions affected and touched by the disease; put more simply: fundraisers at this event are ensuring more birthdays to help make the world go round! American Traveler is proud to be on the Top Companies list of donors, and salutes all individuals and companies that are teaming up to make a difference among breast cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, their friends and families. Members of our team, including those who could not attend that Saturday but supported us in spirit, would like to thank the American Cancer Society and other organizations that are synonymous with ending [+]


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Flu Shot Clinic at American Traveler Corporate office On September 25th, The American Traveler corporate office in Boca Raton, Florida invited members of our team to get vaccinated and stay healthy during the 2014/2015 flu season. A great success last year, this fall season proved no different as the Open Flu Shot Clinic got underway with two pharmacists from CVS. In collaboration with our travel nurses and entire healthcare team, we are proud to raise awareness about the kinds of corporate and community service that allow us to “do our part” in reducing the spread of the flu during influenza season. As Beth Beam, Business Development Manager pictured here says: "Our office works very close together to support each other in everything we do, and I promised to hold Nancy’s (from Account Management) hand while she got her flu shot." Like a lot of people, Nancy doesn’t care for needles, but like everyone the world over she’d rather not have the flu! Make sure to protect yourself and get vaccinated! [+]


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Hospital needs to Secure the Best Candidates Healthcare is one of the toughest industries for recruiting. The ongoing workforce shortage in multiple medical professions has left healthcare recruiters scrambling to find quality candidates. It’s particularly troubling for hiring managers in Arizona (AZ), California (CA), Florida (FL), and Texas (TX) due, in part, to their large population centers which increase with wintering retirees. As the fall and winter seasons approach, it’s important for healthcare recruiters to post their job openings now in order to secure the best candidates. "Our CCU nurse manager wanted to let you know that the presentation of your candidate profiles are top notch. They really appreciate the neat, organized detail it provides. Thank you for making that little bit of difference." ~ American Traveler Client Hospital - Olympia, WA Read more hospital client reviews about American Traveler Staffing If You Think Hiring RNs is Difficult… HR analytics firm, Wanted Analytics, examines U.S. healthcare jobs and ranks the difficulty in filling positions on a scale of 1 to 99 with the higher ranking being hardest to fill. Registered Nurses are ranked at 48 on the hiring scale which indicates moderate difficulty nationwide. The most hard-to-fill healthcare positions [+]


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RNs who want to "get on the road" literally with their travel nursing careers and head someplace sunny and warm for the fall and winter need to get in touch with an American Traveler recruiter immediately! Florida nursing jobs are available right now, with start dates beginning in September and into the first weeks of January. Reasons for wintering in Florida, The Sunshine State, are many—when you check in with Sean, RN in this travel nursing video, you’ll see why! Florida travel nursing video with Sean, ER RN When you refer a qualified friend, you’ll receive a $500 referral bonus; this incentive applies to travel nursing jobs anywhere in the U.S. Watch more videos with American Traveler travel nurses talking about their exciting assignments! Feeling motivated? Great! Be sure to update your employment profile and get in touch your American Traveler recruiter immediately. Our VIP customer care will work closely with you to ensure you turn up exactly where you want to be this season and next. Have a look at this Florida bucket list with 10 hot spots for ringing in the New Year this winter. These 10 Sunny Places Are 10 Reasons to Apply for Florida [+]


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On March 17 everyone is Irish! Few people have better access to this holiday’s hot spots than travel nurses! For travel nurses in New York nursing jobs, or on assignments in equally coveted places like Massachusetts, Louisiana, Illinois or D.C., the possibilities around this time of year are endless.  These are just a few highlights with time, date and exact location of St. Patty’s Day events you won’t want to miss. RNs Will Have a Gaelic Ol’ Time! For Louisiana Travel Nurses: 19th century immigration brought thousands of Irish people to New Orleans. Celebrate in the same place they did: The Irish Channel. The St. Patrick’s Day parade on Magazine Street comes with cabbages, green beads and moon pies! You can watch it all from Parasol’s Pub! That weekend, look for block parties and the big Metairie Parade at high noon on Sunday, March 16.  Other notable parades include “Molly’s at the Market”, starting at 6pm in the French Quarter; just meet at 1107 Decatur Street! For Massachusetts Travel Nurses: South Boston is where it’s at on St. Patrick’s Day, making world news for the South Boston Parade, televised and watched by around 600 million people a year! Held at 1pm on Sunday, [+]


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In the Northeastern part of the United States and as far south as Atlanta, record breaking cold and snow does more than create traffic jams and close federal buildings—it’s also impacting hospitals, as the hardest hit areas’ healthcare facilities endure slow moving ambulances, supply shortages and understaffed cafeterias that make lock-down situations especially hard. Registered nurses in these situations consistently show a willingness to miss lunch breaks, work late, and leave family members for extended periods, caring for patients and supporting fellow staff; for this they deserve not just recognition, but the highest praise.

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Deborah Bacurin, RN, Clinical Account Manager shared: “Nursing is that rare profession where it’s still commonplace to put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own. So when hospital clients on the Eastern Seaboard called in to me after the snow storms, I wasn’t surprised to find these healthcare employers had nothing but great things to say about our travel staff. Many of our nurses on assignment worked double shifts to cover for permanent staff that could not make it in due to the road conditions. And other Travelers did what they had to in this [+]


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Registered nurses make up the largest segment of the healthcare workforce, which is why shortage predictions from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)* point to a potential crisis. The BLS is projecting a huge deficit in qualified R.N.s to fill nursing jobs between now and 2025. The reasons for this are attributed, not just to the surge in Baby Boomers seeking medical care, but in the imminent retirement of the nurses treating them.

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Over the next 20 years, the average age of the R.N. will increase and the size of the nursing workforce plateau, as many nurses retire. The hope for filling these vacant positions is that nurses coming into them have strong clinical backgrounds, in graduate and baccalaureate programs in accredited nursing schools. As it stands now, many American colleges are struggling to expand enrollment in nursing programs, and are getting help in collaborative efforts made by company partnerships, grants, and legislative initiatives focused on hiring more qualified nursing staff—enough to meet the needs of the current population. 30 million plus Americans have been added to insurance roles as healthcare reform takes effect. BLS’ Employment Projections (2010-2020) released in February [+]


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Staffing consultants and job boards are lighting up now with more opportunities than lighting bugs in a mason jar! The days are lasting longer and travel nurses are fitting more outdoor activities in their time after work. They’re motivated to find ideal nursing and therapy jobs—ones that will carry them into the summer. That’s why it’s important to post your job openings now, with a trusted name in healthcare staffing. Our recruiters work closely with each candidate, bringing talent and clinical expertise to your hospitals, outpatient centers and skilled nursing facilities. Says Debbie Bacurin, RN, Clinical Account Manager at American Traveler, “We are seeing a lot of early postings from Maine to Georgia—in Wisconsin and Michigan, too. Our nurses and therapists know that the best hospitals are posting their job openings right now. If you’re a healthcare facility looking for the best talent out there, post your openings now to find top candidates seeking spring and summer assignments.” That being said, healthcare employers should know R.N.s and therapists have, when it comes to job searches, an understanding that: Hospitals post positions today for late spring and summer. Job candidates are now getting their state licensures ready for summer [+]