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Find Your Inspiration to Advocate, Lead and Care! Registered nurses have always embodied the theme for this year’s National Nurses Week: "Advocating, Leading, Caring". When R.N.s visit the American Nurses Association (ANA) this Spring,National Nurses Week 2012 they can’t help concur with its President, Karen Daley that ANA is their quintessential advocate; video galleries, pledges and other resources on the site show that celebrating a nurse’s calling is about so much more than remembering to wear a pin this week. Capture the spirit during May 6-12 and take it with you the rest of the year! It’s empowering to reflect on the amazing history of your vocation. Before the nursing career path became what it is today—the #1 career advertised on U.S. News & World Report’s List of Best Careers in 2012—nurses worked in relative obscurity. It’s hard to believe fewer than 20 R.N.s attended the first ANA convention in 1896—even more surprising that back then, they weren’t technically R.N.s. There were no laws licensing nurses at that time. This International Nurses Week, thank ANA for helping R.N.s become the backbone of American healthcare! Look at how far this profession has come, employing more than 3 million [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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An Exclusive Travel Nurse Interview It was our pleasure this summer to catch up with Rhonda Ward, R.N., who is enjoying a travel nurse job in Juneau, Alaska right now. A registered nurse for over 20 years and currently working in Endoscopy, Rhonda opened up about the travel nurse lifestyle, and why it’s so special. AT: Is this trip to Alaska your first travel nurse assignment? RW: No, this Alaska travel nurse job is my second, but my first with American Traveler. I’m really liking it so far and would love to extend, maybe work in a Hawaii nursing job next. I’ve had the opportunity to see a lot of the Pacific Northwest this summer, and that’s why I wouldn’t mind staying.

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AT: Can you tell us about any day-trips or short vacations you’ve been able to do while on assignment? RW: Actually, Seattle’s not too far, so I accepted an invitation to meet up with Jennie Rayner over the 4th of July weekend. AT: Hmmm…Jennie Rayner. That name sounds familiar! Wait a minute! She’s one of our travel nurse recruiters. Are you two friends? RW: Yes, we are! Jennie’s my recruiter, and I got to [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Are you a hungry travel nurse? We’ve got sites you’ll want to click on every time you’re looking to eat well and save! In the United States, it’s estimated that 1.5 billion dollars a day are spent eating out—that’s a lot of dough, and we’re not talking bakeries and pizza joints, here—at least not yet. If you’re a travel nurse who’s new in town, looking to find just the right pastry shop, restaurant, bistro or bar, or simply desire a way to narrow down your choices on everything from grabbing a quick bite to a long, luxurious supper, we’ve found some wonderful resources nurses and physical therapists alike would be wise to bookmark. We’ve also included expert advice from the frugal foodie world on how to save big on all the breakfasts, lunches and dinners you’ll eat over the duration of your travel nursing jobs. So, the first hurdle is deciding WHERE you want to eat. Where do you turn for advice on the most bang for your buck, as well as great flavor? Why, the locals, of course! If you’re looking for a free guide of the best restaurants [+]


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Just before Christmas, our Rehabilitation Therapy blog checked in with Ellen Bloome, PT, then in recovery from a hip arthroscopy surgery to repair a torn labrum. Ellen provided us with some telling, tongue-in-cheek imagery, i.e. “crutching in” for her first physical therapy visit. For once, Ellen was the patient, about to see—if you’ll pardon the pun—what it’s like to have the cast on the other foot! In her first 4 days of therapy sessions with devoted PTs like herself, Ellen learned a lot—mainly that she loves the idea of a Colorado Physical Therapy job, and will gladly accept any number of them—but beyond those snowcapped mountains, Ellen came away with something even better; she absorbed everything her fellow PT’s taught her, and came away from the experience with sharper skills AND happier hips! What about you? Are you a traveling nurse with a story to tell? Did you injure yourself or contract an illness that landed you in the hospital and/or in the care of a trusted colleague? If you are a registered nurse, who ultimately benefited from the nursing experience tell us about it from the patient’s perspective. You can also post your stories and comments to our Facebook wall, but in [+]