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The RN Work Project is about to conclude its multi-state, 10-year study of the career trajectory of newly-licensed registered nurses in 2016. The goal is to understand the reasons behind nurse turnover so that healthcare providers can improve recruitment and retention strategies. A snapshot of the results from 2006 to 2014 (the study concludes in 2015): 17.9% of new nurses left their first job within the first year. 33.5% of newly-licensed RNs changed employers within two years of hire. 60% of licensed nurses left their position within 8 years. Of course, not all hospitals and healthcare facilities experience this level of nurse turnover. But whatever the rate of nurse turnover is at your facility, the costs can get out of control quickly. Hospitals Lose Millions Annually The estimated cost of nurse turnover varies within the healthcare industry. The American Organization of Nurse Executives estimates that direct recruitment costs alone are $10,000 per nurse departure. The Nursing Executive Center calculates that the direct recruitment costs make up just 21 percent of the total cost of hospital nurse turnover. It’s the indirect costs such as the loss of experienced RNs, new hire training, loss of productivity, and adverse patient outcomes that make up 79 [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Read This if You Are Among the R.N.s and Therapists Looking to Make a Change What registered nurse or therapist wouldn’t hope for a scenario like this: living close to work, great views from private luxury housing, and seamless transitions from one healthcare job to the next, with appreciative patients and colleagues along the way, all helping to create memories you’ll never forget. According to CareerBuilder, more than a third of healthcare workers plan to look for a new job in 2013; this is a sharp rise from last year. More than 34% ofnew healthcare job search those surveyed plan to stretch their hunt for ideal nursing or therapy careers into the 2-year range—and an overwhelming portion of those (82%) say that they would be open to a brand new experience, given the right opportunity. And that’s what travel nurses can expect: a brand new experience. They are helping pave the way in a healthcare system that is evolving, thanks to healthcare and Medicare reform. In fact, it’s travel nurses who are helping bridge the gap between the number of R.N.s needed, and the number of staff there are to meet the challenges in American healthcare today.  [+]