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Get Your Top 5 Kitchen Do’s and Don’ts Here Travel nurses are busy people with places to go and people to see, but that doesn’t mean they can’t prepare, say, a pizza during a Chicago nursing job that takes its cues from Deep dish, or, during a Hawaii assignment mix things up in the kitchen with newfound Polynesian flair. With free travel nurse job housing featuring all the amenities (like great kitchens), and proximity to great shopping, R.N.s can pick up all kinds of in season fruits and veggies that make mealtime special. Just make sure the pantry isn’t lacking with this fail-safe checklist: Must Have Pantry Items Sugar and flour Nuts (peanuts, walnuts, cashews) Rice (brown, white, long grain and minute rice) Dijon mustard, mayo, soy sauce, ketchup Chicken and beef stock Salt, Extra Virgin Olive oil Canned fruit and veggie goods Marinara and pizza sauce Tuna and salmon, packaged in pouches or cans Whole wheat bread, and pasta Got the goods? Great! Now it’s time to get started on a delicious home cooked meal! Five Cooking Do's Do: Save yourself time by cooking extra batches of chicken, pork or fish and store for future use. Once you seal it and freeze it, [+]