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At American Traveler, our RNs live the adventure implied by the name of our healthcare staffing agency: they enjoy the opportunity to travel the United States from coast to coast, loving the free private housing and other amazing benefits that make each assignment seem like one big vacation. Sean, an ER nurse enjoying his second assignment in Florida, is one such traveler. A consummate beach lover, the Pennsylvania native remarks in his interview, ocean waves crashing in the background, that he knew absolutely no one upon arriving in the Sunshine State. It could have been a chilly first impression, but fortunately the Miami weather wasn’t the only warm aspect to his travel nursing job. Kristin Zandee, Sean’s recruiter, is a ray of sunshine for all the American Travelers she works with. Her relationship with Sean is no exception.  The ER nurse has remarked that Kristin is “a wonderful woman”, always there to answer his questions with the kind of turnaround that makes Kristin, Senior Consultant and three time winner of the Healthcare Recruiter of the Year Award, one in a million.  

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  “I think every travel nurse destination has the potential to [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Where you live is a very important part of the travel nurse experience. At American Traveler, our RNs and work closely with their recruiters to find free private housing that meets their every need—no matter how specific. In the case of Kayleigh, an emergency room RN, her checklist of requirements got crossed off one-by-one in a cute Brooklyn apartment with off-site parking; this New York City nursing job was made special not just for Kayleigh, but two of her closest friends. It was high praise when the group, self-described as "picky" and a “traveling circus” due to pets, rated their travel nurse housing "FABULOUS!" Watch the video detailing their experience here: Whatch video about travel nurse housing Thanks, Kayleigh, for your kind words. They go straight from your lips, to Housing Manager, Nance Warner’s ear. Nance delivers more than just the furniture when it comes to your idealized private living space. "We look at it as more than just an apartment," says Nancy and her team of housing specialists. “It’s also peace of mind.”  “Peace of Mind” is Available to ALL Travelers, Even If They Prefer a Housing Subsidy Once you accept that high paying nursing job, American [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Young nurse holding baby "This is the most exciting time to be a nurse." ~ Beverly Malone, CEO National League for Nursing In an article in FierceHealthcare, Katie Sullivan interviews Beverly Malone, Ph.D., R.N., and CEO of the National League for Nursing about the challenges facing the nursing profession in the healthcare reform era. Improve Scope of Practice "We don't want to be mini-doctors; we want to be maxi-nurses." Allowing nurses “to practice at the top of their licenses will ultimately benefit the patient, bringing a new perspective and way to treat them. Nurses get more face time with patients and can really focus on the whole person,” Malone advises. In order to improve scope of practice, many nursing organizations support “Title VIII Nursing Workforce Development” programs. Malone states, “Giving nurses a better voice in the healthcare delivery process as a whole can improve the system. By placing nurses on boards and in leadership positions, making decisions about how resources are allocated in communities, hospitals can bring a new perspective and voice to patient care and business operations.” She’s not alone in advocating not just an improved role, but in recognition of the value nurses provide to a hospital’s value proposition. [+]


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Kayleigh, an ER nurse, has traveled the U.S. extensively, enjoying the site seeing, new experiences and friendships forged along the way. Her travel nursing career includes assignments in New York and Florida, where she grew more than just her clinical skills—Kayleigh also built a network of friends she’ll always keep in touch with. In her experience working in the ED of a prominent New York hospital, Kayleigh found that the emergency room was more than a place of healing; it was also an ideal setting to meet likeminded people with similar goals. “I would have never met those people if I hadn’t traveled through American Traveler,” Kayleigh remarks in a video captioned with two key concepts in healthcare staffing: adventure and friendship. Adds Kaleigh when she talks in glowing terms about her adventures as a travel nurse, "My mother likes to call it vacation with a splash of work thrown in." "Meeting New Friends on Your Travel Nurse Adventure! Watch video about meeting new friends while travel nursing It’s hard not to agree with Kaleigh’s mom that travel nursing is like an extended vacation. Kayleigh has remarked that the people she met while working in New York dropped [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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The travel nurse lifestyle is ideal for nearly everyone, even registered nurses and allied healthcare professionals with young children. Here’s a peak at what top RN job locations have to offer you, your family—even your pets. Arizona Nursing Jobs Are Simply Breathtaking: Travel nursing careers here distinguish themselves, not just in top notch hospitals and rehab facilities, but in what they can offer visitors and residents. Because travel nursing offers plenty of flex time, it’d be remiss not to take the family out on excursions to other worldly places like Lake Powell, Tanque Verde Ranch and the Sonoran Desert, with over 100 horses to ride! Arizona is a wonderful mix of urban and natural delights, in cities like Phoenix (don’t miss the Arizona Science Center) and Scottsdale, not to mention breathtaking landscapes like the Grand Canyon. Family Memories Shine in California Nursing Jobs: Travel nursing in the Golden State creates warm memories for people of all ages and stages. Whether you’re taking your own photo or it’s a group shot, Mount Shasta makes a magnificent backdrop; shop and dine at the foot of this legendary mountain, or delight in other northern California hot spots like the Napa Valley or San Francisco. Your [+]