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An Exclusive Travel Nurse Interview It was our pleasure this summer to catch up with Rhonda Ward, R.N., who is enjoying a travel nurse job in Juneau, Alaska right now. A registered nurse for over 20 years and currently working in Endoscopy, Rhonda opened up about the travel nurse lifestyle, and why it’s so special. AT: Is this trip to Alaska your first travel nurse assignment? RW: No, this Alaska travel nurse job is my second, but my first with American Traveler. I’m really liking it so far and would love to extend, maybe work in a Hawaii nursing job next. I’ve had the opportunity to see a lot of the Pacific Northwest this summer, and that’s why I wouldn’t mind staying.

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AT: Can you tell us about any day-trips or short vacations you’ve been able to do while on assignment? RW: Actually, Seattle’s not too far, so I accepted an invitation to meet up with Jennie Rayner over the 4th of July weekend. AT: Hmmm…Jennie Rayner. That name sounds familiar! Wait a minute! She’s one of our travel nurse recruiters. Are you two friends? RW: Yes, we are! Jennie’s my recruiter, and I got to [+]