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It is amazing how travel nurses can be in one part of the country, doing what they do for their patients, and then be in another PiCU travel nurse Iraq missionpart of the world, doing just the same.  As a travel nurse you are able to see and experience new places, which is just one of the advantages.  Kevin, who has been working PICU nursing jobs through American Traveler, shared some photos of his time in Austin, Texas when he worked at a Children’s Hospital, as well as his time helping children in Najaf, Iraq.  In Iraq, he was on a Medical Mission, before starting his next assignment in Washington D.C.  It just comes to show that even when not on a travel nurse assignment through American Traveler, our nurses go above and beyond to help people in other parts of the world. Here are some photos of his mission in Iraq and time in Austin where he enjoyed horseback riding, and explored other parts of Texas with his travel family. Do you have interesting nursing story to share? Please leave comments and send in photos if you wish, we would love to publish [+]