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Find Jobs in the Pediatric Specialties! It’s that time of year again! U.S. News & Report has just released its top ranking hospitals for both rehabilitative care and pediatrics—some of the names on this list are our trusted affiliates. American Traveler is proud to have staffed over 75% of the facilities ranked "AMERICA'S BEST HOSPITALS" By U.S. News & World Report.  Our nursing jobs and therapist jobs are offered nationwide and you might just find yourself working in one the America’s best hospitals! Whether or not your workplace appeared in 2011-12 rankings, we congratulate all our R.N.s and therapists on a job well done. It was a banner year for high quality healthcare and we hope we see more of your good work in years to come. PICU nurse working To create the 2011-12 rankings, U.S. News surveyed nearly 180 pediatric centers, obtaining clinical data and polling 1,500 doctors in 10 pediatric specialties where they would send the sickest children. In all, 76 hospitals ranked in one or more specialties. Eleven hospitals with high scores in at least four specialties were named to the U.S. News Honor Roll. Registered nurses intent on landing the best PICU jobs in the [+]