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US Supreme Court Rules on the Affordable Care Act; American Nurses Association Explains How the Ruling Impacts RNs Most political analysts don't think that the debate over the Affordable Care Act (ACA), known to some as "Obama Care",  will end any time soon, but the American Nurses Association is already informing its membership of the Act's implications for the nursing profession. By upholding most of the ACA's provisions, the US Supreme Court has helped the legislation clear a significant political hurdle, and the ANA reports that they expect one of the Act's primary goals -- expanded insurance coverage for more Americans -- to have a positive effect on the nursing profession. One of the more debated aspects of the ACA is its requirement that Americans must purchase insurance or pay a penalty, starting in 2014. The Supreme Court held that the penalty was not overly burdensome and was within the rights of Congress to impose as a tax. The ultimate goal of this requirement is to provide reasonably-priced insurance coverage for more Americans and to grow the pool of available healthcare funds. With more people insured, the medical system can focus on preventive care and ongoing [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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In some ways, Mother's Day and the nursing profession make a great team. Many specialties (L&D nurse, NICU, Mother/Baby, Peds nurse) focus on mothers and children, so working with moms is a big part of the job. But let's not forget that many RN's  -- in addition to having their own kids --  may also have mothers who were very influential in their choice of a nursing career. Deb before Travel Nursing Job Deb in Nursing School Deborah Bacurin, Clinical Coordinator and Corporate Resource Manager at American Traveler -- and also a RN who worked in the ER for many years -- shares how her mother helped shape her career and life: "I hadn't always planned to be a nurse. When I graduated from high school, my mom was just graduating from nursing school. At 18, the last thing I wanted was to be “just like my mother.” Guess some of the medical profession did rub off on me though;  I got a job as a secretary in a local emergency room.  One day I saw one of the doctors come out and tell family members that their loved one had died.  I decided I could do better than [+]