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Austin, Texas skyline Since 2001, Texas has had trouble filling open nursing jobs. Major cities such as Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio are in desperate need of healthcare professionals. As of May 2013, approximately 190,090 Registered Nurses (RNs) were employed by Texas healthcare providers making the profession the leading healthcare occupation in the state. Texas Fast Facts Texas is part of The Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) which enables multistate licensure for nurses. It’s the second largest state by land mass, second only to Alaska. Texas is the 2nd most populous state next to California. The state has 630 hospitals with approximately 83,000 licensed beds. 73% of the State’s hospitals are in urban settings and 27% in rural. The state has the 7th highest Urgent Care Centers in the nation at 26 facilities and growing rapidly. The average age of working RNs is approximately 50 years of age. Nursing shortages will be exacerbated through RN retirements over the next two decades. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that by 2030, Texas will have a workforce shortage of 109,779 nursing jobs. Only California at 193,100 nursing jobs and Florida at 128,364 nursing jobs will experience higher RN shortages. According to, RN hourly pay rates for [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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There is a feeling of helplessness that overwhelms parents when their child is admitted to the hospital as well as a feeling of hope that the NICU, PICU, and Pediatric nurses will nurture them back to health. Steps are being taken, however, to make this traumatic experience more comfortable for the patient and their families. With the help of the non-profit group, Facilities Guidelines Institute, several hospitals have invested to upgrade their children’s facilities in order to accommodate parents and elevate the healing process of children. One may think of it as holistic medical treatment for the entire family. Children’s Hospitals are Evolving In June 2012, Nationwide Children’s Hospital located in Columbus,Ohio opened a $783 million facility that provides private rooms for everyone, an atrium full of giant carved animals and a clubhouse for siblings and parents. A recent report focused on the physical environment of a hospital and warned that the noise and confusion can increase stress and anxiety. Noise reduction solutions helps to alleviate some of the problem and a proper interior design involving colors, furniture and carpet can actually promote the healing process by creating a safe and soothing environment. While physical changes are costly and parental involvement can be cumbersome, [+]