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The recession has created a tough environment for Americans and the businesses, institutions and non-profits that make our world go round. The healthcare industry is no exception, yet nursing case management jobs help hospitals financially, as well as promote patient advocacy and customer satisfaction that lead to saving billions of dollars, in what might have been missed billing charges or unnecessary treatments. 'Anything’ and ‘everything’ are meaningful words for Case Mangers in travel nurse jobs; though, they are expected to wear many hats, most CMs welcome the challenge of residing at the nerve center of today’s health care delivery system. Nursing Case Management jobs exist not just in hospitals, but in rehabilitation centers, home health agencies, or any medical facility in which the managerial talents and strong personal ethics of RNs and/or social workers are required. RNs in case management jobs  are frequently assistants in placing patients in extended care, hospice and other specific treatment programs. Travel nurse jobs that attract talented case mangers expect these professionals to rise to the occasion—of thoroughly reviewing all medical documentation and testing, lucky enough to cross their path. When the i’s are all dotted and the t’s crossed, [+]