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In anticipation of long-term manned space missions -- several of which are penciled-in to Mars, Jupiter and Alpha Centauri in the next few decades -- government authorities are considering the possibility of requiring licensing for off-planet healthcare workers. The Interplanetary License (IPL) would permit physicians, nurses and rehabilitation therapists to practice aboard spacecraft, both during the voyage and also on the destination planet. Healthcare workers would be trained and tested in the unique requirements of medical procedures in a zero-gravity environment and prepared for the effects of physical changes due to space-time relativity. The proposed regulation does not cover conflict resolution should the licensing standards of the destination planets' inhabitants differ from Earthling standards. Nor does it cover insurance issues stemming from treatment of non-human life forms. In other words, Happy April Fools' Day. You may not be ready to practice on another planet, but in case you want to travel on this one, we've got rewarding travel nurse and therapist jobs across the US. You can also read more about nurse licensing and state boards here (on Earth). [+]


This post was written by American Traveler Staffing Professionals

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Read about technical vs. professional nurse training and why it matters Its been said there’s more than one way to skin a cat. The same might be true of seeking licensure as a registered nurse; those on track to a permanent or travel nursing career can achieve success in several different ways—the interesting part of that statement being, no matter your chosen path to licensure, the examination at the end of your nurse training is exactly the same. The options for students interested in nursing jobs break down into these avenues: you can get a four-year nursing degree, or bachelor of science (in nursing) and be deemed a “professional nurse”; you can get an associate's degree, which takes two to three years—or you can go to a diploma school for about three years. It so happens that community colleges produce more than half of the country's new nurses; not surprising considering it’s the fastest and least expensive way to become an RN; should you go this route, you are deemed a “technical nurse” and may not get the same preferential treatment in hiring as professional and graduate nurses. The encouraging news for those new to [+]