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Can you hear that? It must be the footsteps of a fast approaching Halloween. While some limit their celebration of this fun guide to haunted hospitals for Halloweenholiday to decorations and candy, there are others with a keen interest in touring well-known haunted spots. If you’re an R.N. who loves a good fright, then this post is for you—as so many “on the map” places for hauntings and ghost sightings just happen to be hospitals. There’s a high concentration of paranormal activity in The Buck Eye State, putting Ohio nursing jobs close to the scariest places on earth; there are also haunted hospitals worth a closer look near nurse jobs in Georgia and NY travel nursing jobs. This ghost hunter’s preferred list of haunted hospitals is ordered from supremely spooky to just plain scary. Should you decide to tour one, call the facility first to ensure tours are still happening; consider making arrangements, if possible, to stay overnight in charming hotel lodgings these cities are known for. Patients at Highland View Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio get the willies when window shades move of their own accord and doors lock shut without help. Far north of the [+]