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The Pathway to Excellence program is a sure fire way to boost morale and professionalism among nurses in small to mid-sized facilities. Hospitals achieving this recognition and rank are a great place for travel nurses to launch their careers.

Many Texas nursing jobs are in facilities awarded the Pathway to Excellence Designation; the honor lasts three years—but the thing it represents—nurse satisfaction—is infinite when you find that position that meets all of your needs.

The 12 standards used by Pathway to Excellence
Does this sound like your hospital? A nationwide panel of your nursing peers seeks to get answers to the following:Pathway to Excellence

  • Do nurses control the practice of nursing?
  • Is the work environment safe and healthy?
  • Does the hospital orientation adequately prepare new nurses?
  • Is the CNO qualified to participate in all levels of nursing?
  • Are the professional development opportunities for nurses fully utilized?
  • Are nursing salaries competitive?
  • Does the hospital recognize nursing achievements?
  • Are nurses encouraged to live a balanced life?
  • Are collaborative relationships among nurses and other healthcare staff encouraged?
  • Are Nurse managers competent and held accountable
  • Are evidence-based practices and quality programs utilized?

Get on the Pathway to Excellence by joining American Traveler

Registered nurses who work in hospitals that are, or soon will be, on the Pathway to Excellence have met rigorous standards that prove their nursing staff’s morale and degree of professionalism match the enthusiasm and talent seen in Travel Nurse Client Service Testimonials. Find travel nursing jobs with ideal work settings, increased nurse satisfaction, and high morale among entire nursing staff.

American Traveler embodies the goals of Pathway to Excellence, using it as incentive to see nurse vacancy rates drop and retention rates of new graduates rise. Pick up the phone and call (800) 884-8788 or apply online today to get high paying  travel nursing jobs!

American Traveler Staffing Professional is a leading travel nurse staffing agency accredited by The Joint Commission.

Footnote: The Pathway to Excellence® Program is owned by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association. To date, 56 hospitals (in Texas, New Mexico, South Dakota, and California) are designated through the Pathway to Excellence Program. There are applicants from 12 additional states. To view a complete list of Pathway designees, visit ANCC online.

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