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Studies show that using safety techniques from the aviation industry may be the answer

According to a study based on surgical teams from hospitals around the country, safety techniques—similar to ones used by the aviation industry—cut death rates from surgery by an astounding 18%. This is compelling news for those in operating room nurse jobs and other healthcare professionals in med surg jobs, interested in the benefits of teamwork.

Known as “briefings” in the airline industry, the meetings are conducted before and after each flight, so that crews can anticipate and prepare for potential and/or future safety hazards. In a healthcare setting, “briefings” aided surgical teams in making important discoveries about the specifics of each patient’s illness or condition prior to and after each surgical procedure.

Checklists are a Must for Team Building in Surgical jobs

The aviation industry doesn’t like surprises and either should operating room nurses and professionals in med/surg jobs. So what kinds of tactics are being used to eliminate surprises, and strengthen professional relationships among the operating room team?

  • Operating room nurses are asked (to learn) to recognize red flags
  • Med surg and OR nurses are expected to challenge colleagues should safety risks come up
  • Operating room nurses are expected to develop presurgical checklists

That last item on the bullet list resonated the most among med/surg and operating room nurses when research on check-lists appeared in a top selling book by Peter Pronovost, a doctor and safety advocate who wrote, Safe Patients, Smart Hospitals; proved using a checklist could prevent half of all surgical deaths.

Dr. Pronovost raises the point that surgery and anesthesiology have a long-standing habit of focusing on the technical; they often fail to realize that some of the harm done in surgery is happening because of teamwork failure. Healthcare professionals in surgical jobs are well on their way to achieving goals from Pronovost’s study by encouraging operating room nurses to keep an accurate and unambiguous medical chart on every patient.

Even in the advent of Health IT, when computers keep electronic files on patients, nurses must remember to “double-check” and adopt the mantra: “If you didn’t chart it, it didn’t get done.”

America’s Top Hospitals Practice Many Different Tactics that Decrease Patient Mortality

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