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flu shot clinicEvery year corporate team members diligently remind healthcare professionals about the benefits of an annual flu vaccine.  This is why, in solidarity with our traveling nurses and allied healthcare professionals, and in support of our employees’ health, we made it extra easy for corporate employees to get a flu shot this year.

We did this by sponsoring an on-site flu clinic at our corporate headquarters in Florida. It was the first event of its kind, and so well received that we plan to make it an annual affair! Our thanks go out to our corporate employees, who rolled up their sleeves so willingly.  A visiting CVS pharmacist and technician helped everything run smoothly—no surprise, there, as CVS is well known for providing flu shots at a low cost.

As everyone knows, getting more people vaccinated is a goal of the CDC and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; they would like to see more healthcare workers outside the nursing sector follow the R.N.s’ example when it comes to getting vaccinated.  Click on Vaccine Information Statement to find out everything you need to know to protect your health this flu season.

American Traveler Wants You to Live (and Lead!) Healthy Careers!

Like the on-site flu shot clinic, American Traveler is proud to offer other preemptive tools in the spirit of maintaining good health. Our commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles is best seen in the launch of the website: Healthy Careers, which has been hosting a popular healthy recipe contest. The goal of the contest is to incite healthcare professionals everywhere, along with members of the American Traveler team, to manage and prevent illness.

We believe that a big part of disease prevention is in the preparing of nutritious, daily meals that help the immune system remain strong; that, coupled with regular exercise, is the best recipe of all for a healthy career and lifestyle.  We wish you all a safe and uneventful fall and winter. Stay healthy and strong!

flu shot clinic at American Traveler

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